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FOR WORLD WIDE SALES OF Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Sales, Inc., are on shares for you to buy directly from Legal owner and sender of this website.
Share are for sales in your favorite currency to establish sales corporate offices Planet Wide. Please mail directly to owner and provider of own shares and business and invents and concepts in business as usual in sales in running half Banking and half Corporate. Keep your investment for good. Products are all under Pattern Protection and or Copyright and some under secondary Patents closing the commercial market pro seller here. All maximum used for sales work to have provision from Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Production, Inc. is the interests from your investment. Like any other share, there is no guaranty to have money invested in shares back when selling it on.

Who is the person selling Shares:

2012-12-17 Mr. Jens Peter Claire Schwartzlose, in photo of today.

Inventor of Sunlight Laser Energy Systems including Optical Solar Panels and else. More below under "Published USA News".. I am interested in a home to raise my family and celebrating my wedding, when I have found me a wife. To stop roomers made: Tested and sane all life, staright, hetro, never made children in own family, forced abortion, lover boy, Bee in R & B (I can place one lie), agent, military, criminal, prostitute, hunts on Royalties, dangerous, violent, Alien, God,, but by experts tested: FEMA, Age 48 yr., 180 Cm, 90 Kg, all teeth, no use of glasses, Intelligent, perfectly healthy, NATO E+ at military session, Nordic native, looking much younger than I am, and have not have had a relation to any female for over two decades and we have never met you and me, I am a former professional model, educated, strong and with good social character, communication skills, Public Relation and show respect for culture in all etc.

Banks or accountors never presented offers to me representing me, about credits, or any financial product. Daily updated.
What to invest directly in since Banks will not offer you this excellent and honest financial product without risk of environmental or CO2 hidden costs:

Historical Breakthrough (First Official Press Release Governments and International Press 1995-1999) and first in energy in products having Net Energy Earning and Profit and last in production in materials and by own made clean energy (Non-toxic); Passively collecting light from all sky and horizons night and day at the same time operating year round by none mechanic Sunlight Laser Energy Systems by Optical Solar Panels even with robot cleaning, or without for more service jobs. OSP is a profitable CO2-free renewable product for your home, business and State in all weather year round in all Nations. You will have financial and energy break even and energy returned the most by our True Renewable CSP products named Optical Solar Panels. The product is the winner.

This page is daily updated. No business up to now real time. Please contact me in person to person and I do not make any what so ever agreements over direct e-mail or use of telephone by my selves running my own free private business alone.

Built to last and shares for sale or exchange of shares in your coin or values for sale Corporations State wide.

Both the Republicans and the Democratic Party and else are in for legal electrical power, since it is crime to lie or offer State or people a product, what cannot be delivered or is not true in cost or political goal in Clean Energy or reducing CO2. Not reducing CO2 means energy, heat and toxic and CO2-fertilizer etc. import in Ecosystems on top, where life of today is adjusted to live, and to place agent historical time poison and radiation etc. back on top is dangerous and not healthy.

When and if products are not living up to the NEEP Standard and can give all energy back all way from mining material to production, service and power grid in energy all way to the consumer. Then these products are not renewable but pollutants being produced and after end of use. The winner was the fossil branch and their banks fooling the public for two decades being informed about Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and not willing to sell shares or service the voters and consumers to have our products on the market, why US military planning and strategy are taking new positions in Government. Simply read new job profiles published in United States of America.

What both Parties are running for President for and having as politics is going sustainable and giving United States of America energy independence, and a cleaner environment. The product is the winner no matter what.

True "green" solutions in all energy used for production including mining for needed materials and installations all way to you as the consumer is being returned by what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original can deliver you in just a few years in operation having Net Energy Earning and Profit, NEEP (All included) and fully recyclable product and true sustainable and nothing to hide for the public about toxic waist. Use of Sunlight Catching and making light beam/laser (Sun laser) and by i.e. traditional steam generators known from existing power production making power in existing grid quality even hydrogen as cheapest commercial fuel, now OSP made Power cost is the lowest, what was the limit for Hydrogen as fuel. Read below in chapter "News" in a link in the text, and about all industry based nations are working on transforming to "Hydrogen Economy"; Government administrations, they are the experts being informed about our products. In all green house gas reducing products are sold by us in original for production and use for production of our products.

Civilization can then continue when energy is clean and it is not limited. Light and electrolysis of i.e. evaporated sea water by catching light is not limited on Earth, or in Space. Please send e-mail letter for questions, a meeting, and advice or consult person to person. For Nations or States a meeting in your office will do fine when time is right and team up. As inventor and business I am aware all need more information and confidence, security and a loyal and honest conversations about honest business in what is delivered and not a brand fiction naming or use of weather as renewable, or any none binding estimation in and about all-energy-used-calculation for other products in example words like "alternative" or "neutral" or "CO2-free" not having Net Energy Earning, and to have lasting jobs going CO2 free, not to burn more fossils than needed but to transform to in what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems offers you.

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems having the product renewable working in national interests and resources to last, not burning fossils or natural gas, but to have the material for making consumer products all have today in cars and their homes etc. i.e. best plastic and are made from natural gas, and best tires, glue etc. are made of oil, best, lightest and strongest building material from coal etc. Why have a policy and not simply as common sense not to keep burning value more worth in the future in what is safe in your ground as financial asset for credits or else, what are to last for thousand of millions of years for coming generations to have welfare. United Nations have calculated we need three planets the way we consume today and the third world is not included having welfare and serious progress where the population is adjusted to live (I.e. Biology and climate) and way of living (i.e. Culture and communication) and have less conflicts. What grosser would burn their own store having a more profitable and healthier alternative?

In example what OSP can look like, multi thousands of primary designs, and combinations of designs to order. What is best for you and conservation of local wild life (i.e. in desserts) or making local climate making or keep agriculture or farming under the panels and the installations hard to see. Please contact us. Anyone will have a personally response in postal letter and signed:

How it works:
SC is common psychic by law since antic history. SLES is unique. Protected by International Law in mirror(s) and/or lens('), Fire Point(s)/directed/reflected in and/or linear or none linear even none continuer image, geometric designs from mirror(s) etc., FP, in Mirror Pipe(s), MP, and Reflector Mirror Pipe(s), RMP, or mirror to catch and hold light to Light Pipe Ways, LPW. This is new in CSP-Technologies in none mechanic and all time and all directions having light catch and creating a continues light spot on mirror and sealed to function in all weather delivered by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original designs to meet whatever the needs are on locations. In short for investors; the most simple construction and cheapest productions gives most profit and tax for State and stand the longest in production of light beam, to heat then to power or else etc.

Light enters from all sky and horizon passively all year in all weather condition world wide except in absolute dark all day and night and are spotted by Mirror Pipes on to a mirror or through a gather lens. From here having Fire Point into a Reflector Mirror Pipe and backwards into Mirror Pipe or directly into Light Pipe Ways or One Way Director. To hold light to Light Pipe Ways by Reflector Mirror Pipe or mirror Standing Beam is created.

In illustrations by logos and a few patterns above black is mirror and colored lines are light entering and captured. Passive sunlight catching by Mirror Pipes is important to understand since, when never having a fully clear sky most light and energy escapes and reflects from over all of the sky and horizons or the temperature is to low to use other Solar technologies. This is not happening with OSP the only technologies prepared to operate hundred of years in original sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems in original.

To understand a Mirror Pipe: Use a Laser Pointer similar to Mirror Pipe and a magnifying glass. Place the magnifying glass flat over the edge over about 15- 20 CD covers and spot right on the magnifying glass. When numbers of CD's are right you will create the same Fire Point no matter from what position you spot right on in the magnifying glass on the table by a light spot.

Finance and resources:
Economists to be educated in transforming to True Green Economy are not a cost but a profit for State and Tax tricks and subsidizing is not needed. What cannot survive in a free (capital) market economy is even on the market paid by tax payer's money. To have OSP Power Stations is simply to start ordering when ready. The market is there when transmission lines are made to sunny States world wide. Less productive alternatives in energy production can stay in the market buying cheap OSP Plants energy in electrical power or hydrogen. The matter is to have clean energy and climate under control and to keep the jobs and make more new jobs.

Be a part of these break through invents in highly profitable Advanced Solar Energy Technologies, ASET, giving high provisions or fees and output. Must be good to know as producer in any Nation or in anyway involved in energy at any level from Head of State and downwards the business can continue in a new market producing or selling or own and be a part of the process in transforming to what lasts. Write to us using sales@optical-solar-panels.com mail address and seek to sell shares or be investor your selves or employee without risk in long term investment products in a sales job, i.e.:

Sustainable Nature law basic is all about having a power product with ever standing production like light from a Star and have energy back from producing the product producing the power, then it is true sustainable ever lasting. When not giving the energy back from producing the product and having it in operation, the long term is power supply simply stops over time and then what in a few hundred years as responsible policy or law maker or voter?. Fossils and nuclear has got an end as resource. Civilization can come to an end as we know it.

OSP is true sustainable power and lasting the longest in product having Energy Net Earning, why finance to work is a must.

Public price list SLES Power Plants, sales price $10 Cent kWh & 25 Cent L/ fuel distance effect:

*) Must be place close to salt sea water or rich fresh water locality and have free water asses and ways and harbor ways and supply.

**) Water evaporation of any salt sea water is compete able to cheapest consumer fresh water drilling in ground soil delivered rain water quality for under cost price $180 / M3.

***) Longitude: Any figures are examples. Price per KW/h from per M2 stands. Open for talks are designs, delivery place and time, multi order or coordinated orders for price discounts available. KW/h per M2 is minimum delivered.

****) No Power Unit included.

*****) The Hydrogen plant under longitude 40 degrees produces 18 TW year H2 / 13 KW/ L/ Fuel = 1 384 615 300 Tons, M3, of fossil fuel effect in hydrogen per year. One drum or Barrel of diesel fuel effect cost price in Hydrogen here about $10 - 20. Hydrogen is made from evaporated salt Sea Water on electrolysis of pure water to H2+O2, Hydrogen and Oxygen from H2O is pure water. To have a stabile temperature in the kettle modified rocket engines or as all should know simply cutting blowpipes fanes are used heating up the kettle running on Hydrogen and Oxygen in water, need and demand produced in H2 and O2 tanks, when lower demand for electrical power. When Hydrogen, H2, is reacting or burning with Oxygen, O2, result are pure Water, H2O. Electrical power is cheaper to transport than Hydrogen and Oxygen and safer using grid.

******) This power plant follows the operation from above in burning Hydrogen when to dark.

Sales and environmental profile of SLES:

OSP is sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems, SLES.

OSP catches most energy and no other invent can beat production prize under $1/2 Cent /kW/h grid quality. Sunlight Catching, SC, for energy production in any need is pure. Energy having Sunlight and Sea water for hydrogen is not limited for Earth. This means by fact energy solved by OSP sold by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems.

OSP by SLES is in original in fully clean renewable, re-useable, recyclable and true sustainable.

In example operating of SLES OSP Hydrogen and Water Evaporation Power Plant:

  • Data OSP
    1. Fields of OSP are unique is in all passive, non mechanic and catch light optically from all horizons and sky at the same time in all weather like: All natural known and modern history recorded weather on the location and construction sight(s) under here sunlight, starlight, moonlight, wind, sand and dust storms, clouds, overcast, rime, rain, fog, dim, snow and snow cover, hail, ice storm and ice cover, by lightning only the Panels hit drops out, lighter and over flooding of alone water and mud, smaller twisters wind speed under 150-200 Km/hour, hurricanes, Earth shakes over 8 on Richter Scale, Sun storms, radioactivity etc. to function and continue to produce electrical power.
  • 2. Over 10- >300% more light and energy caught for energy production on mirror than
  • Concentrated Solar Power, CSP. OSP has the lowest possible KW/h loss on used land,
  • in catching and to transport to traditional window kettle(s) in power production (&<;10%).
  • Light can also be stored in heating up rock, metal in homes etc. even melted for heat later,
  • 3. Most cost energy efficient energy solution ever and forever in KW over price: under
  • $½ Cent/ KW/h, weight: under 10 Kg/M2, land: all used, waist: none, Chimney: No fane etc.
  • 4. Purest energy resource for a Star Planet like Earth or a Moon true catching of light,
  • 5. No smoke or smog, works during and under snow, in rain, in hail, under dust, windy, when
  • cloudy, from sunrise to sundown even in star and moonlight and in Outer Space,
  • 6. Operates from minus 271 degrees Kelvin (closest to absolute zero) to over 1000
  • degrees Celsius. In practical terms in all weather on planet Earth. In absolute mirror
  • over 1 000 000 KW per M2 effect capacity per hour (1 Giga Watt/h heat),
  • 7. Gathers over 10 Kilowatt heat a day/ M2 land according to CSP maps, or over 90
  • percent of all incoming light to use for example electrical power production, or one
  • liter of fuel according to CSP statistics, but on location mush more in Mega Watts
  • light. Think of heating up land from light how many litre of 13 KW/Litre fossil fuel to use…,
  • 8. For power production over 70 percent of all income light per M2 land is made to power
  • in Kilowatt/h/Voltage grid quality,
  • 9. Sunlight Laser can be used directly for power consumption or heating and roof, wall or
  • window with OSP works in heating like a greenhouse placed over insulation or saved heat,
  • 10. Power can be used for production of Hydrogen in separating water into Hydrogen
  • and Oxygen, the cheapest way and fuel become most competitive to fossil fuels in
  • price per distance, and Hydrogen can be burned directly in gas engines,
  • 11. Roofs, walls, roads, sidewalks, bridges, ships, planes, any construction can be covered
  • with OSP with SLES as supplier and in any color and shape even transparent in what
  • the customer wish for,
  • 12. Weight under 10 Kg, dimensions i.e. 1 x 1 Meter = M2, and OSP has got Net Energy Earning,
  • 13. 10 Kg per M2 OSP production and installation and service in minerals and metal to melt
  • are est.: 10 000 Gram x 0. 422 Watt x 1 500 Degrees Celsius = 6 330 KW is 6. 3 Mega Watt.
  • 6 330 KW / 10 KW/day heat income caught in light, = 633 KW production / 365 day year
  • = 1. 7 years to have heat energy break even profitable to tax.

Energy Breakeven:

I.e. Wind energy from Vestas, world largest wind mill producer as example.

(Left wing controled in and under big oil and coal aliance):

9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel = No Energy Break Even

means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are cutter or progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.
SLES Optical Solar Panels produces power from $0.005 KW/h:
End production cost $, 1KW/h power of the same effect per (Effect=Volt x Ampere x Time) installed: Nuclear 10.8 Cent, coal 7.8 Cent, gas 10.6 Cent, Concentrated Solar Power 24 Cent, Wind power from 100 and PV solar panels from over 150 without subsidies and before tax in finale accounting.

Wind Power in example:

Before tax and subsidies a wind mill electrical power costs over $1 per Kilowatt/hour in half wind speed. You pay as American up to over $22 Cent per Kilowatt hour electricity power. That means tax what is all people pays to you including your selves to have delivered at this fixed and tax manipulated not low price.

Mill by name 2 Megawatt or 2 000 Kilowatt/h/day costs $5 million. Living time 25 years. Production delivered day average to grid 1 000 Kilowatt per 24 hours.

Power price: 1 000 KW x 365 day a year x 25 years = 9 125 000 KW,

$5 000 000/ 9 125 000 = $0. 548/ KW/h.

OSP 1 000 M2 cost $1 million. Living time lease over 100 years.

Power production in grid quality to grid from 2 000 to >7 000 Kilowatt/hour day.

7 000 KW x 365 day x 100 = 255 500 000 KW/h/100 year.

$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 = $0. 00391 KW/h/ 100 years.

$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 / 4 = $0. 0157 KW/h/ 25 years and over 25 years 35 times cheaper and over 100 years, $0. 548 Wind KWh/ $0. 00391 OSP KWh = 140 times cheaper and service is set to the same cost over the years. A new wind mill fore every 25 years has got new higher price.

To produce a wind mill a tower and house for engine all in metal is needed. The weight is about 75 000 Kg or 75 Tons of metal. To melt the metal about 4 Watt/Gram is needed in production to go from re-circled iron to melt to refine and making product in iron or steel plates for the wind mill tower even house and foundation.

Calculation (Not the first but the last calorie is keeping coal/gas/oil power plants open and Wind pollutes more):

75 Tons Vestas Wind System steel tower x 4,22 Mega Watt to melt recycled steel x 1600 Degrees Celsius + melting rock in Russia.

= 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. mill in metal.

2 MegaWatt capacity wind mill produces to grid year average:

1 MegaWatt/Day x 365 days year x 25 Years

= 9 125 MegaWatt.

9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel

= No Energy Break Even,, even when 24 times higher output produced.

means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are being cut or
progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.
In case the production is higher, there is still no Energy Breakeven nor Net Energy Earning.


Simple one thousand readers to buy an Optical Solar Panels unit of 1 000 M2 or only 10 000 buying a unit of 100 M2 for buildings of Optical Solar Panels or one OSP Power Plant and the business can start.

1 Km2 Optical Solar Panel, OSP, Energy Plant at longitude 0-30 degrees > 2 TW/h/Year voltage in grid quality costs about US$1 Billion = 1000 Millions, per 1M2 leasing costs $1 000, in year 2010. Profit rate from year 4: >30 %/Year. Can supply over 200 000 homes and industries with power and heat/cooling/energy storing and profitable with fastest financial break even. OSP last > 100 000 years on construction. OSP sealed in glass and no oxidation of mirror material as seen in illustrations above. The OSP Power Plant price is similar to a nuclear facility. Optical Solar Panel Power units are profitable in power production cost, and when placed in several States security in having power made locally is in top and the nation has got less loss in transmissions lines. This makes it possible for all States to start planning new power plants or businesses and private persons to make an order simply having power grid lines today to connect Optical Solar Power Plants. All States are having light and can set own policies about electrical power and inform producers about our product here.

State and investors: Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can by stock shares be introduced by a bank to offer shares for who is interested. It is common businesses for almost any bank to have investment product in promising commercial business' on the market. Since what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems offer is based on known physic laws and known technology some even for year thousands in leaning books combined, the product and businesses also in energy and power production is business as usual: Buildings are drawn and build after political wish, demand, calculations and needs. Not what has been made before but proven engineering or know-how. This is what Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can offer.

On all continents new developments like houses etc. are build and are made this way based on what can stand from books and learning i.e. mirrors, reflections, spotting light and generating power. For State and commercial banks business as usual to invest even for own use to have projects realized and finished. Sunlight Laser Energy Systems could be offered as short as well as long term investment for State, pension administrators, unions and private investors etc. after their choice to share and have stability. All banks or brokers or State are free to contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and suggest, what model in shares are best for the market and the banks own interest making profit from selling and buying shares, options etc.

All can enter a bank and have shares or group of businesses to invest in to spread investor's risk. The products Sunlight Laser Energy Systems can deliver are the best and cheapest power among renewables even what is on the market and safe for all and most profitable why the lowest risk for banks and investors. Banks own activity and business is also to buy shares and sell when time is right. It is also business as usual States to have business' to serve and build for State. No finance. No activity and more jobs. Building an economy on State giving money to production has been tried in many Nations during the history and ends in general what Nation has got most money to lower the price, cheapest labor, or it can be winning in having the technology and educated labor and resources or new events just like OSP what is universal in Solar Power and very well could be an invent like the wheel being in use forever etc. and for all except the winner such economy ends in State deficit, inflation even recession and lost industries and jobs. Basic economic in real life, in news papers and leaning books of today world wide.

In almost all Nations in the free world State service the people in education and science and experts are approving or consult for State as employees and State are not building or even operating or service Power Plants. They can even be private owned in United States of America and else where. In the USA is the market free when accepted politically in a democracy. Both the Republicans and the Democratic Party and else are in for legal electrical power, since it is crime to lie or offer State a product, what cannot be delivered or is not true in political goal in reducing CO2. Not reducing CO2 means energy import. When and if products are not living up to the NEEP and can give back all energy back all way from mining material to production, service and power grid in energy all way to the consumer. Then these products are not renewable or what both parties are running for President for and having as politics being sustainable or giving United States of America energy independence, and a cleaner environment. There is no problem about educated labor in the production, since needed modern technology has been in use for decades.

Do you have Interest in making a new Internet site and being a part of our private social network?

About 80% of all in USA are in for clean energy, so we all have a lot to talk or write about and reasons to meet. Oil producers or owners has the same and most banks are owned and loaded with money in cash flow from the fossil branch as importer not willing to offer you credit in new and better technologies like Optical Solar Power Units to serve you and have energy security. As all know by now it has come to reality for elected politicians. In USA a bipartisan made law makes it legal for private people to invest directly buying shares online.

Optical Solar Panels and Power Plants are to order directly from Sunlight Laser Energy Systems by You, business´ or Government or Government Agency. For up to 3 000 Million US$in shares are for sale and placed in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. and assets will include an OSP factory and one OSP Power Plant build and future orders etc. For up to 10 Million US$in shares are for sale in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Sales USA Inc., and where you find a market. This means for just one US$you can be in the business and part owner. Do not send any money but please write an e-mail letter to Sunlight Laser Energy Systems. All e-mails and invitations will be replied respectfully and kindly in person to you.

You are welcome to send an e-mail letter to us to start representing Sunlight Laser Energy Systems as job on provision. All you need is having an address and a phone number and you are having a job when hired. Business' in the energy branch are also more than welcome to write to have Optical Solar Panels in own product mix when terms agreed. Let us unite and sell more and make business. All nations has got light enough for Optical Solar Panels. Consult us and save money and time and paying in shares can be accepted.

You can read more about The United States of America about energy under chapter: "Published in USA News". We use United States of America property legally on this page and have had over one million readers and no legal law suits against this site. Nor any complaints; A USA corporation powering this site has confirmed this fact. It is crime to lie in offers to private people and all States in sales and facts about product or projecting etc. This site is under USA Federal Laws.

Other alternative is to order just one power OSP Power Plant and have the same output in economics but 1000 times higher (1 million M2 OSP). Only 1 700 OSP Power Plants can cover all of USA's electrical power needs (Year 2007 statistics). The Kilo Watt per Hour cost on a yearly basis is under $½ based on CSP Data not OSP data for true/all light energy income. Further more in the price is calculated service and rent on land for every year. Cleaning can be automatic made by robots. The OSP Power Plant produces in grid quality over 2 000 000 000 Kilo Watt or 2. 1 Tera Watt a year similar to what one nuclear power plant produce. Reflection in field in Optical Solar Panels and heat loss by reflection is set to 10 percent and from heat to power is set to 20 percent of all incoming light energy. From the logos illustrations above on top of this page you can see no water waist but all recycled. The Database print here is based on CSP income statistics.

At the bottom you can read power cost price at longitude 60 is $3. 5 Cent and in South West also in USA is under $½ Cent on a 100 year lease (OSP's are angled to match the sun angel and to cover a larger sq. of the ground under the OSP's) or simply cover all ground under it:

Private and corporate: You can order OSP, i.e. 1000 M2 placed in California USA income budget (CSP): 1000 m2 x 10 KW/h/day x 70% to power effect x $0.08 KW/h price sold profit x 365 day/year = $204 400 your year income. Tax on land hidden in the calculation, what can pay of all power line costs in and to the South West to have the true renewable electrical and energy independence costs covered for State and USA. Read energy map KW: http://www.nrel.gov/csp/images/3pct_csp_sw.jpg 

Dear reader from above all energy costs for production of this product and installations and the needed new grid is returned in energy and as investment in being True Renewable and this means Net Energy Earning and Profit, NEEP, for owner and State in Tax in going True Green and not spend more energy than what is being returned in any energy producing product lifetime. Or our civilization one day cannot cover the consumers need. So vital to keep or improve our way of living in a term of just a few hundred years as we know it.

Map over United States of America of water evaporation and clouds are seen.

This is a true map where all can read that typical light income is the same almost all over California and that it can be as rich in income further to the East in openings as well and close to the same in openings in the clouds further to the North. The weather is on the move from left to right in picture and the sky reflects a lot of light, why several OSP Power Plants and domestic fields are needed nationally and locally in example on people's and industries property or OSP Power Plants combined with hydrogen burning to have stabile power quality in the grid what is being offered USA by SLES Inc. This way USA will reach Net Energy Earning and true sustainability in invested power is being returned in a few years all way to the Polar Circle (1:10 compared to California light energy income) by Optical Solar Panels. (Read more under OSP Data above)

In map: The more white the wetter. The more brown the dryer and the sunnier. Green, red and blue means rainy.

Also this energy income weather are OSP Power Plants made for having fire points at all times in any weather condition from all horizons and all sky at the same time including the diffuse light made by molecules, crystals, drops, snow and ice reflections and including dividing the light in colors in the atmosphere known from sunrise and sundown and the sky is blue when sunny or white clouds or gray when rainy by Mirror Pipes. And the sunlight direct is yellow and orange glowing:

Link used: http://www.weather.gov/sat_tab.php?image=wv

OSP sold by SLES is a strong investment and future safe. Read more on energy and calculate profits:

http://www.eia.doe.gov/fuelelectric.html .

Contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. and reserve or place orders or consult:
You are more than welcome to contact Sunlight Laser Energy Systems for more information and a meeting about science and solutions for the market in energy being consult.

Thank you,
Sunlight Laser Energy Systems

Inventor and engineer

Mr. Peter Claire Schwartzlose
State Planet Earth date: 2012-11-27 Time 09:46 Central European Time, CET.
Location Denmark.

SLESService@Sunlight-Laser-Energy-Systems.com or

to be Pen Pal with me for free write PeterClaireSchwartzlose@Hotmail.com (USA). All will have a reply from me in person.

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Optical Solar Panels has been in the market since 1996 after thefts of my science, then by offering all Nations States commercial diplomacy represented in Denmark Diplomatic list (and military) and all United Nation members about my products i.e. using MP and RMP over mirror(s)/ reflecting material(s) etc. and more to protect inventors private property under International rights to produce by Patterns in products and forms and production lines to produce, and Legal Will under military laws made and accepted. As expert all know the invents are not in the market by any other commercial business world wide and is not legal to copy and sell from laws of design and pattern property, what People's Republic of China has signed and The Russian Federation the same going to free market economy and using capitalism by Law after 1996 and by this accepting my private property too under International Laws. Thank you very mush. Now as investor all can relax.

All used property on this site is paid for upfront by mailing PeterClaireSchwartzlose@Hotmail.com .

This Internet site is Scandinavian high school level from 1980'ties or is it at graduated Ph.D. level.

Official none edited photo for press to use showing engineer and owner Mr. Peter Claire Schwartzlose, 48 yr.: 

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JOKES. Sign " means double meaning or understanding and you can play false or true
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JOKES?: After long considerations Jens Peter has decided to stay in Denmark for good and drop hot babes and migration, Denmark is too small and beautiful ... ...

JOKES?: USA Megalomania: USA megalomaniac is about the tools in oil rigs and coal mining and gold mining .. ...

JOKES?: Danish politics adjusted to Big Oil and King Coal and wind mill production is CO2 reducing is all about Green energy, the more environmental i.e. PV voltanic and Wind Power the more CO2 to the environment and the greener is gets in Algea at sea and in jungles from green house gasses proven by the industry selling to green houses .. ... to heat this planet up to have less nature made ... ... ehm in genetics and self destruction never ends!

JOKES?: USA: When USA is asked what to do and what is your reaction, the rest of the world waits for what the gold is worth, all knowing silver is more worth for mirrors to Optical Solar Panels and save energy future ... ... (Dollars are based on Gold value).

JOKES?: When rich seeks intelligence in their lives they buy it and do not get "it",

JOKES?: When poor wants intelligence the rub it from someone brighter who worked for it,
but the intelligence vanish or can not be recognized in short time the product looks like a shared meal and savings are gone ...

JOKES?: When intelligence is needed it is asked for advice, then lobor leaves and in a week all is forgotten and procedures are as always done. When it comes to questining their leader the reply is shut the fuck up labor!

JOKES?: Danish Labor is labor: Shit the fuck up SID and 3F and all union labor, there is no 100 000 job industry under my leadership, go to school I speak french:

www.eb.dk ((C) 2013)

JOKES?: USA: USA is a lot of stars in their flag and gods own nation under Israel and Jews faith, problem is without German engineering no sky scrabers or any car running on hydrogen or having an engine what last more than 10 000 miles ... and no satelites too ...

JOKES?: Godmorgen det er fra EKSTRA BLADET: Hvad vil De mig i Der Schweiz på fransk EKSTRA BLADET, det kan vi virkelig ikke tage stilling til midt i kaffen på "snevand", oh skat ræk mig lige, man skal da også alt selv. Arbejde er et fremmedord, hvorfor vi importerer arbejdskraft deraf ... ...

JOKES?: 500 Boligejere indhentede selv tilbud fra udenlandske national banker på real kredit. De fik lånet for 1 % p.a. og stiftede et selskab med egen bank til administartionen og blev real værdi ejere med Optiske Sollys Paneler.

JOKES?: Landejendom er steget på Lolland og Falster efter nedlæggelsen af Vestas fabrikken for udenlandsk kapital fra EU og Danmark selv, er da udenlandsk interessse og investering oplyst over 800 MIliarder årligt pålidelig for Dansken?

JOKES?: Skat har du hørt Jens Peter foreslår indkomst på ejendom, dvs. Real Kredit afskaffes, med kassekreditter på virksomheden privat boligen, hvorfor Real Kredit må starte banker op og være på forkant .... ...

JOKES?: SKAT har du hørt Jens Peter vil have financer af os, moi, moi, det handler om beskæftigelse, hvor uanstændigt ... Lad det blive ved pakken, det minder mig om min barndom og julen skattemand ... ...

JOKES?: F16 Kalder privat jettet de skal flyve til Kastrup og føres til forhør på Politigården angående ansvar for de privilegier de har haft indenfor finans markedet og de har ikke ydet Riget den interesse som kræves og Riget har tabt strategisk og i finanser ... ...

JOKES?: Kina starter minedrift på Grønland og Danmark kan herefter producerer alt indenfor Optiske Sollys Paneler selv indenlands ...

JOKES?: Skattemand min negl er flækket, kan jeg ringe til manikure damen igen, så kan du få en massage, min dag er helt ødelagt efter konfrontationen med verden udenfor og Jens Peter forfølger mig, sluk lyset det minder mig om Optiske Sollys Paneler ....

JOKES?: Jens Peter vil købe Helsingør Sygehus som nedlægges til firma domicil og hovedkontor for en ny industri med 100 000 ansatte og det må være sindsygt, hvorfor den lokale psykiatri bibeholdes som nabo ... ...

JOKES? Skattemand hvad laver en Dansk Ford Fiesta Politibil i Geneva, tror du de har fundet os i bytte lejelighederne og det med Jens Peter og hans tilbud om hjælp for Politiet får Merzedes Silver Cabrio med det hele til for store, moi, vi er de store, nedlæg politiet i Danmark ...

JOKES?: Alt herskabet ikke forstår efter årelang udeblivelse fra arbejde er sygdom, om arbejdstvungen herunder omtanke hidkaldes Politi for tilhold da sandhed fører til finanskriser helt til La Suisse ... ...

JOKES?: Dagens præstation underskriv et milliard lån, læs guldkursen, og spis maden selv ... ... Undgå Jens Peter og EKSTRA BLADET ...

JOKES?: Læge studinen og røvslikkeren: Marianna, læge, syntes til for kort tid siden somatisk hendes numse er for stor til Jens Peter og elite børne avl, så Jens Peter tilbød Marianna et røvslik efter egen afvaskning af hendes dertil med Colagate Total. Total forelsket er Jens Peter og efter gentagne slik advares læser imod gentagelse for ondt i røven ... ...

JOKES?: Lægens bord: Lægestudinen Marianna er nu sat i behandling med kys på sin numse af Jens Peter til helt flad ... (af grin) ... Historien fortæller ikke om de begge bruger Colgate Total, det måtte frem i lyset, opfinderen og ejer af Optiske Sollys Paneler Jens Peter ser til morgen røv i "laser" ...

JOKES?. En lige venstre fløj: Vidste De iøvrigt at kognitiv opfattelse og opførsel, som er pensum i alle faggrene i social universitetet, det er opfundet af en simpel sygeplejerske i Norge og original litteratur er Norsk og kognitiv er spejlbilledet af gem "offentliges" inkompetance socialt og fagligt. Værdier afskaffes derved.

JOKES?: Den parlementariske: Det danske folkestyrer er kendetegnet i en fase, hvor de udvalgte på intelligens og psyke om mere til de fattige efterladende kun en rigeste taber .... Meget populistisk.

JOKES?: Jens Peter skal ikke have kontanter, så vinder Dansken og ikke den folkevalgte valget i butikken og på Internettet uden Optiske Sollys Paneler/Optical Solar Panels... ...

JOKES?: World wide civilization will come to an end when in about two decades Oil, Gas and Coal runs out having and ongoing third world made rich in comsuming, the price on Sunlight Laser Energy Systems stocks sold here "rise" all the time, and China is going to "beef" ...

JOKES?: I Danmark vil de indfører Arbejdsret og øve den, men der er ikke noget arbejde at udøve i industrien ...

Den største industriarbejdsplads i Danmark med produktionslinje er på under 500 arbejdspladser ...

JOKES?: Danmark er det Rige med største areal per indbygger og største fødevareresource og laveste solvensgrad ... ...

JOKES?: Vinderen i real kredit i Danmark er skimmelsvampen, og udlandet spørge om svin har fået beboelse ... Selv lader de investerings ejendomme stå tomme, så værdiforringelser undgåes ... ...

JOKES?: Real Kredit Danmark er imod Arbeit Mach Frei om indførelse af DIN normer, kvalitetsarbejde er en jødeforfølgelse ... 

JOKES?: Røde sige kræver og blå svarer i fyrer kassen af Staten har ingen opsparing, hvorfor tag selv bordet er indført sammen med ophævelsen af intelligensherakiet siden 1960'erne ... Det handler om uddannelse og ikke dannelse vi har recepten i behandler vældet om til debat. Man har vel lov til at være lidt Royal ... ...

JOKES?: Den folkevagtes tid: Tiden er kendetegnet ved tyvens indtrængning og hvor lang tid der er til næste valg af varer ved egen lovhævelse. Efter ruden er baldret konfronteres tyvene under tidspres for valg og udvalg og der hugges mad til og i sig, ved computer afdelingen spørger de hinanden i gruppe, næste "desk" hvem? Og de svarer, vi er ikke så fine på den så vi kan spise med fingrerne ...

No JOKE: Jens Peter tells last chance Danish ladies: Jens, you hold a special place in my heart, but you have gone way above and beyond me.  I never thought that was possible. I want to marry you now, I want to be your wife. I want a baby with you; that is the most awesome experience, nothing compares to that. You are a wonderful father to our kids in the future, but you deserve more. Thank you for always being there, for the flowers - they are beautiful, for your kind words, hugs, kisses, and the unconditional love. You are a dream come true and I want to spend the rest of my life with you as your wife, lover, and best friend. I have never in my life been so very happy. I feel much loved, beautiful and very happy. I'm so very proud of you. You are a very strong person. It is really cool that we are strong for each other in different ways. We totally understand each other and feel for each other.

NO JOKE: Fantasien www.dating.dk fik: I love you with every part of my being. If I could marry your soul I would. I dream of nobody else. Everyday is a true struggle when I'm not with you. If I could conjure up all the power in the world to translate my love to every form of living: physical and spiritual, I would. You are my everything, and I love you more than life itself. I love you truly, You are the love of my life. We have been so close, yet so far apart. No matter where my life takes me, my heart is set on you...  All the laughs we have had together have become a part of my life and you will always remain in my heart forever. Nana was the name.... ...

JOKES?: Psykaiterens møde med verden: Psykiateren mødte vanligt på arbejde og var fuld af frygt. Verden møder hende og hun udbrød støvsugeren er mit vacuum og tog en anti drepressiv og en valium for hukommelsen før hjemkomst undvigende nedkomst tanker ... ...

JOKES?: Statsministeren vil investerer: Vi behøver mere luft til vindmøller, så ordre var lav storm med klimaforandring fra explanaden under Møller .... Og statsministeren ønskede højere lønninger for at afskaffe industrien, så fyr møller af sammen med fosiler og Auken ud af Aarhus Domkirke for bedrageri om fremtid (Det DR) om undskyldning for ikke at investerer i Jens Peter og Optiske Sollys Paneler side 1995.

JOKES?: Så var der den om squizeren som tog en skraber, den går stadig i Istedgade i København ... ...

JOKES?: Danmark styret fra udlandet: Et geni i København har udtængt, at når olien og gassen slipper op indenfor 20 år, så sejles energien til Danmark. Det styrker aktien i tiltro til at Jens Peter uden cash nu til familiestiftelse og produktion vil støtte rederiet ... ... Hvem tror Jens Peter støtter USA rederiet, som har Amerikanske krigsskibe under sig, dvs. ikke dansk og alle rederiet økonomer har studeret ved Amerikansk litteratur og titler er alle Amerikanske og største maked er at sejle til USA!

JOKES?: Contra Espionage Danmark står ikke i telefonbogen eller på Internettet, hvorfor det?

JOKES?: Når det bliver intelligent står såkaldt Danske bank drenge af og yder ikke udviklingskreditter?

JOKES?: Når udlandet vil have føden henvender de sig, når udlandet vil have ide udvikling (MS) og løsning henvender de sig, når det kommer til indflydelse eksisterer Dansk magt ikke .. ...

JOKES?: Når det bliver rigtig godt Dansk løfter udlandet den Danske know how og klistrer Jødekultur på det som odiøst at konfronterer ... ...

JOKES?: Selvangivelsestid med fruen: "Skat" bare vent med at svarer, men hvorfor var det lige bankerne alle vildledte om Vestas aktien og PV Sol paneler produktion og afkast og det om CO2 formindskning, når løgn ikke kan trækkes fra ... 

JOKES?: Banks in Denmark will open departments for sale and seek the client, and stop waiting for the client to show up. About letters they they will start replying Jens Peters offers about financial products for Jens Peter since 1996 per mail ...

JOKES?: Western employees in the banks went to university and preach free trade and learned all about economy in optimazation and cost minimazation and China won having energy warranty in Optical Solar Panels because Danish and other EU banks ignored Jens Peter since 1996 per mail, and the West is close to bankrupt ... ... Point how to change banking mentality in the West contra to pro Jens Peter to win the financial world market and have stability?

JOKES?: Banks and the finance employees accepts China as winner, having the Western nations unemployed? Your bank is dear reader not supporting Jens Peter writer here ... ...
In paper: "This Christmas morning, when you wake up and smell this couple of coffee, accept your gifts with gratitude".

State paper: http://english.people.com.cn/90778/8068957.html

JOKES?: Danish Banks and finance holders understands to serve the Kingdom, by not shaing finance with Jens Peter for Optical Solar Panels production nation wide, instead Denmark invest in answers is in the wind ehm industry ... ...

JOKES?: Who rubbed Jens Peter Schwartzlose first about obstructing raising a family of his own after all Schwartzlose's ... ... Stand forward as responsible please .. ...

JOKES?: In Denmark optimazation is for bank clients to have a smaller loan before Chrismas to buy grosseries, to eat them selves sick, to optimize own savings on paying no pension out later to "late", why Jens Peter celebrates Christmas alone before leaving Denmark for good and for better food ... ... Se you Africa and wanna "bees" ... ...

JOKES?: Net Energy Earning. Når nye opfindelser i rækken optiske sol lys paneler når til bankernes kendskab eksisterer bandekriminalitet ikke, bande kriminalitet kendes heller ikke fra lokale politikredse, hvorfor Asien godter sig på vestlige bankers ignorance af realiteter under devisen alle mod intelligencen for at holde den gående og Jens Peter uden arvinger... ...

JOKES?: Insanity, Insanity was never written by any doctor and psykosis/genious was never written by the same ...

JOKES?: Royal Bankers psychy break even: Keep Jens Peter without cash and a home to raise any family of his own ehm serving China, PRC... ...

JOKES?: Insanity, Megalomania about the business Optical Solar Panels is true as huge year 1999, the world today 80 % American's and 97 % Chinese are in for legal clean energy, since States act legal and Big Oil, Gas, Coal and banking makes the crime to stay on the market.

JOKES?: Skitzofrenic and Paranoia, på Dansk "Skidt-So-Frenne-Ikk'", modsat Spirituel. "Spir-i-du-el" om venlig, dvs. når Jens Peter udtaler til psykiater: "Slut medicinering eller det kommer til at koster mange milliarder for pensionssparer og hundredtusindvis af kroner i hendes pension i Roskilde", jamen så kom det til det, så paranoia er psykiaterens med bange for at miste og så toxikeres (Mistede job).

JOKES?: Megaloman kan måles i Jens Peters solvensgrad målt i forhold til Danske Bankers solvensgrad og deres evige gældssætning og byggerier af paladser til sig selv og at holde Jens Peter hjemløs og uden firmaadresse, når uden deres varer simple kontanter og finansielle produkter.

JOKES?: Hvem tilbyder Jens Peter kontanter? Who offers Jens Peter cash?

JOKES?: Penge "Møller" fik konsult: Pengemøllen holder ikke og erfaringen med store tanker tiltaler ledelsen, olien og gassen tager slut og "Møller" er ikke på støtten fra udlandet som af Danmark ...

JOKES?: De store tanker: Lego som har afvist samarbejde med politianmeldelse imod Jens Peter, som er trukket tilbage, for at ville rådgive og samarbejde for nyt verdensprodukt Lego Lys, ja, Sofie har svaret far jeg lejer i det små og det tiltaler jens Peter ...

JOKES?: KARNOV; Læge Karnov kræver plads i reolen hos Jens Peter, og vil ikke lægges på hylden, hvordan skal Helle Karnov svare Jens Peter i dag? Mobil 27 50 55 85.

?: The richest Danish woman did not merry Jens Peter to combine fortune and immaterial assets after consult with her financial advisors acting as responsible… …

JOKES?: King Oil and Gas has got a problem will farmers not having optical Solar Panels fill up his super markets with food and wine ...

JOKES?: Kong Olie og Gas har et problem, vil bønder og fiskere fortsætte med at fylde hans super marked og skibe op, når de ikke kan købe Optiske Sollys Paneler og selv blive selvforsynende med energi med overskud..

JOKES?: Skandinaven har opdaget at Kong Oil og Gas er unødvendig og Optiske Sollys Paneler fra Jens Peter her, som blot behøver kontanter til nye fabrikker indenlands ... Hvem er da Dansk?

JOKES?: Big Oil and Gas will after Jens Peter has passed their schooling in behaviors on planet level hire Jens Peter as Saint PETER… … Their self destruction will never take end?

JOKES?: It will only take a brick of toy of Lego to wipe out Big Oil and Gas in the energy market placing Optical Solar Catcher Cell in Lego Systems ...

JOKES?: Fra Jylland oplyses det at Big Oil kan få på klods hos Lego fra faderfiguren og Herre ...

JOKES?: The richest Danish woman from Lego had the advice to have Jens Peter hunted by criminal investigators to make and end of private consult letters to her, the main business is buy up foreign business, optimize and sell them again, problem Jens Peter is not to be bought… … (God Jul og Godt Nytår Sofie fra alle os).

JOKES?: Big Oil and Gas in Denmark is paying true King above all. Problem is Oil and Gas is running out in about a decade, then energy is to be imported and Denmark runs in a huge deficit like the 1970’ties during oil crises.

JOKES?: Big Oil and Gas is God in Denmark; “Climate change does not exist”, and Optical Solar Energy Systems are not needed, why melting ice near Greenland is promoted to have a “drill”… …

JOKES?: Danes are manipulated by local Big Oil and Gas sitting on the entire money, transport and super market systems, people are signing debts including great farmers away from estate income from Optical Solar Panels… …

JOKES?: The bridge near the Royal Castle in Copenhagen has capitulated to the richest woman in Denmark after toy brand Lego under her, will start selling Lego Light catching light for children and adults… …

JOKES?: Etater forsvares: Personificeringen er stoppet i Departementer og chefer søger støttegrupper og hinanden i nederlagets stund en epoke tager slut.

JOKES?: Kontanter er en varer, men den er ikke gjort tilgængelig for Jens Peter, som har retten til produktion og dermed jobsne, som Frederiks julegave... ...

JOKES?: Det handlede om 100 000 nye industri jobs på årets finanslov og de eneste som ikke får sparekniven i fængslet er de som ikke stemte eller stemte imod … … Alle råstoffer haves inden for Rigets grænser med let adgang også teknologier til Optiske Sollys Paneler og verdenseksport…

JOKES?: Et mønster og en copyright på en Optisk Sollys Panel Celle er det samme som at eje et maleri, kopiering er forbudt og alle rettigheder tilhører ejer Jens Peter til evig tid bare en Stat beskytter privat ejendom på kloden eller gør det senere igen om privat ejendom falder, hvorfor Jens Peter henvender sig til den stærkeste og med største hær og magt bevist i verdensøkonomiens udvikling siden Kina fik energi garantien fra Jens Peter 1996.

JOKES?: Koldkrig, Etater og deres chefer er oplært i en kommunistisk fjende og forsvaret af et Kongehus. Med kommunismens fald er deres historie falsk og jobgrundlaget borte og i angsten for at tabe ansigt at en person og videnskab, dvs. intelligenser vandt, er det størst tænkelige nederlag for magtdyr og generaltyper og panserbasser, hvorfor Frederik og Jens Peter gøres til rivaler, men Jens Peter er per definition Klode Stat og Danmark er for lille. Intelligenser ses i vrangforestillingen Jens Peter er da sindssyg og selv er vi aldeles raske og de bedste pligtopfyldende udannede ehm tabere…  Problem befinder sig på Dansk territorium, hvorfor udlandet hyppigt besøges og etikette styrkes som fint, indbildt blind ledelsesform. Indavlen de oplære og udklægger sig selv i egen kultur og udansk.

JOKES?: Jens Peter ser spionage alle steder efter at have konstateret verdens rigeste og der kan kun rakkes nedad, og tages fra fadet, hvorfor der ikke spørges om samarbejde, personificeringen munder ud i er Schwartzlose Nazi alle er blevet venstrefløjsaktivister…

JOKES?: Spionage, spioner genkendes på overfladiskhed og kulturimportører udtaler udenlandsk meget korrektbetonet og kan ikke Danske dialekter og industrinavne.

JOKES?: Kulturspionage, folket er klædt billigt på af Asien, som industrinationer og eliten klæder sig Fransk middelalderligt og er påtaget bureaukrater, teknokrater, famlende om administrativt efter Asien teknologier på USA patent og sprog har vundet indpas, Dansk og Amerikansk nedgøres, selv i stavekontrollen findes Amerikansk som Engelsk royalt…

JOKES?: Det er faktuelt at Microsoft i Vedbæk annoncerer i Olie elitens bosteder i Londons omegn for nyt personale til verdens største udviklingsafdeling, etikette Vi er Dansk… … Vi er Amerikansk virksomhed…

JOKES?: Frankrig blev aldrig verdenssprog og selv USA har indført egen jura f.eks. Nature lov, så det Franske er vejet for let og for arrogant. PS. Jens Peter droppede totalt Fransk i gymnasiet, og fandt praktikken sjovere… ….

JOKES?: Admiralitetet (Fransk Cultura) Film knæk i hjernefilmen, hvorfor medier og ignorering af Jens Peter sker for fuld skrue; vold, tyveri, bagvaskelse, vildledning, ingen jobskabelse, ingen lovgivning, ingen opretholdelse af Retsstaten, vildledning af Statschefer, flugt fra ansvar, gemmer sig, social fobi, væk fra mit skrivebord, nej jeg vil ikke møde Jens Peter, det skyder psykiateren, brændte jords politik, krypeadfærd/over forsigtig/lad tiden gå det løser sig erkendelse undgås ds. fyring, stringent, påmanende, mere magtanvendelse, mere censur, eskapisme og ego overlever, repeterer læge studinen…

JOKES?: Etaten er mødt op hos Frederik og giver Frederik netop de informationer som giver et givet svar herunder at Frederik absolut ikke må læse denne side og være med i moderne tid som kommende Stat holder chef.

JOKES?: Departementscheferne er i samlet trop mødt op hos Dronningen og fortalt, at når Jens Peter forlader har de en ren front imod udlandet og udlændingen Jens Peter imod Kina, Rusland og USA og Tyskland og Frankrig og ikke Royal BP og Royal Shell og A P Møller med pengetanken Danske Bank som vinder med Royal etikette...

JOKES?: Etatchefer har forladt flinkeskolen og søger etiketten. I mediebilledet at de har evigt ret ses på TV2 morgen alkoholreklamer med mange etiketter. Det forlyder Dansk Supermarked vil sælge dansk etikette også (Eget af A P Møller).

JOKES?: Mails har strømmet til Folketinget og partierne og dagbladene i hundredvis gennem to årtier, ingen gider at læse siges, men alle arbejde på lovskrivning om straffrihed for underslæb og mandatsvig imod statskassen.

JOKES?: Kronprins Frederik er Joint Key of Staff for State Planet Earth og løfter telefonen til regionale chefer, som søger afsked i stribevis, vennerne tager over og Frederik får aldrig 100 000 nye industri jobs…

JOKES?: Etater forsvares med etiketter og de står skulder ved skulder kontra, for eksempel hedder det kontra admiral og ikke Pro admiral hvorfor nederlag aldrig behandles og de søger egen psykiatri og alderdomshjem i hele landet fri for konfrontation med borgerne de aldrig servicerede Ret!

JOKES?: Jens Peter ringer og skriver som det første til landsbyen Danmarks Tekniske Universitet og svar på støtte til opfindelser er rent ud: Vi er konkurrenter, De læste rigtigt kære joke læser, at når borgeren har en privat virksomhed for vækst er forholdet konkurrent og ikke Pro…

JOKES?: Mange Danske virksomheder tror at som tiden går kan Jens Peters virksomhed deles mellem dem i del patenter mv., men efter røveri i Greve er al Patent og Mønster søgning umulig internationalt, og igen bibeholder Jens Peter hele sin forretning på egne hænder og ubehæftet.

JOKES?: Frederik kan slå mønt på Jens Peters værdi og Etatchefer og Admiralitetet går stringent strækmarch i kontorerne og forbyder kvindelige familiemedlemmer at søge Jens Peter for umådelig rigdom til sig… ehm til en kvinde og Jens Peter, selv postuleres hård hetro seksuel dog uden egne kvindevenner og kvindeforståelse også ”organisk”… … selv social kompetence påstulleres i denne mandsverden.

JOKES?: Faderfiguren falder i regeringskontorer, enten går chefgruppen gennem gulvet i organisationen grundet vægt, eller for oversmarthed ved ankomsten og mødet med international presse og medier, som alle er informeret i hele forløbet om denne verdens begivenhed Energy Break Even ved Optiske Sollys Paneler ved Jens Peter ved Kontra Admiralens Stat ikke arver en dyt, og kun kan skrive og frifinde sig lovlig om Jens Peter forlader Riget, hvorfor der øves imod alle om sig både det offentlige rum og spirituelt…

JOKES?: To avoid prison Denmark is hiding these true news from its people, the State Television is now named DDR, www.dr.dk, in Danish (It's DR) Goddag velkommen til Danmark Radio, Det DR, Goddag.

JOKES?: No JOKE. Jens Peter is having his mail, writer here, from Royale mail, none, having over 1 000 daily internet calls to this site alone, advice save your royale stamps... ... even SMS'es... ...

JOKES?: No JOKE: Mail your corporate logo and have it posted for free here on this Internet Site, evidence never hapens because never reaches me. Same story about your photo as friends, why Pop and R&B music has got news for you going world wide all being informed (SONY/BMG), going to town youth... ...

JOKES?: Road 252 Mikkelborg: The Russian liberation army under the left wing in Denmark supported by the Royalties against Liberal Danes started the battle here confronting Jens Peter's playground. Today the problem is hiding the battleground in new housing never made and only palads in place is Kommunernes Landsforening (1970'ties)... ...

JOKES?: In Denmark the Royale against Dansih Liberal Farmers took over Landsmandsbanken A/S and Royalized the Danish farm industry throught Danske Bank A/S running Danica Pension a.s.o., then farmers could have money and wealth? Reed everybody public reading where to speculate pro my State. Hyg jer.

JOKES?: In Denmark for bankers only Real Estate and Stock market is legal to invest in, including farms, why smaller industries are all gone, again royale banking won laughing at hard working farmers going bankrupt from time to time having too cheap products... ....

JOKES?: In Denmark the beuracratic and administrative concept is leading, the goal is no to work and spend time off work and see everybody else work on nation to nation level aswel.

JOKES?: Denmark confront Jens Peter and Jens Peter stands with China, when facing loosing Panum and friends, who has infiltrated Danish www.TV2.dk news, tells Jens Peter things must go and pass the Danish Parliament under their political friends and as employer, but Jens Peter visits embassies to protect own rights... ...

JOKES?: Denmark has got face: Denmark has faced confronting Jens Peter is out of target, The rest of the world has changed and Governments outsite Denmark tells Danes has to offer a legal product and work to pay debts... ...

JOKES?: The most solvent born Dane Jens Peter is not being offered cash to make legal business and jobs... ...

JOKES?: Roskilde spiritual union Police, Commune, Psychiatry is against FEMA Sapiens (FE=Female, MA=Male) in the ignoration of the fact a sane human brain is defined in a right and a left side "being" he or she charactor, so how many is sane in Roskilde spiritually dropping one side of their brain and why only men in the Red lounge the Roskilde Black Brother Munks asks... ...

JOKES?: The Western Nations is having free speach and free press to write my news on and from this Internet site?... Where did you read this in a western paper or from western Television?

JOKES?: Culture defeeded by a private. It takes one to have the law in hands. It takes one to place the criminals behind bars? Legal State is... ...

JOKES?: When Roskilde Police Master enters the case it is to protect Police Officer Frank, who made violence against Jens Peter and C.I. Per Willemoes Jensen for thefts from Jens Peter, when Roskilde Commune enters the case it is against legal State, when psychiatry enters it is to defend male high egos and red bridges... ...

JOKES?: To recall the case leading psychiatrists has commanded same diagnosis since verdict based, being the writer them selves in lounge under Social Democrats Nyrup Rasmussen named Nykup (New-rubbery in paper Politiken www.pol.dk) walking free of State rubbery celebrating four more years on State television.

JOKES?: KARNOV, KARNOV is books with verdicts for all Courts to read what other Courts have made a verdict, problem is the megalomania (storhedsvanvid eller bare stort) in Court employees is they write on State paper, and law is: State can not lie and after writing it stands forever, why to please State employees about forever a KARNOV was made from paper back to DATA to stand new trails ... ...

JOKES?: The Red Bridge in Roskilde is about liberty for red wings a spiritual transformation leaving legal State being down town Roskilde repaired by the continuing of B Schwartzlose for State DSB/Banestyrelsen supporting crime... ...

JOKES?: To recall it even better and avoid legal justice from Government and Queen, they defend Queens ...

JOKES?: For the ultimate load problem is head up, head of psychiatry is leaning backwards and while talking his head is on the move from side to side carring over weight behind his eyes in memory metals like valium etc.

JOKES?: When Roskilde psychiatry medicates with Cisortinol from Lundbæk doctors claim was Jens Peter is hearing voices, this evidence is the doctor is telepathic able to read other peoples spiritual life/sane brain activity.

JOKES?: Law is for doctors: Only sick people is legal to medicate, why head of psychiatry in Roskilde and the Police master medicate them selves...

JOKES?: The danish red religion: We are all equal, why the population is communicated all equal stupid...

JOKES?: The danish red Religion: We all have the same rights, why intelligence is down under and the Crown Prince found Intelligence Merry is Her name...

JOKES?: The danish red Religion: All have got the same rights, why the most clever is only to rub, so all can share intelligence, why intelligence leave all the way presented in State statistics published...

JOKES?: When Jens Peter is without financial products offered and a home, his business can never open in Denmark and red royale manners win... ...

JOKES?: When intelligence and most clever is presented insane all life and genetics is sick to wipe out of the Danish breeds, stupidity stays on top to lead the way. Problem is in Jens Peters bio-family none has got the same diagnosis is the State fraud to rub private property... ...

JOKES?: State versus Private: Jens Peter has made his Will, so the State The Kingdom of Denmark does never enherit, why State stands to loose.

JOKES?: In Denmark the red brain has discovered a production line and industry over 50 Meter and very rare and the projects is we study activity and what a working life is... ...

JOKES?: Lægen repiterer: Skitzofren er registreret tankeaktivitet, sygdommen er når illusioneret på øjne, øre, stemmer i hovedet mv. Er handliger som f.eks. arbejder rene og adfærdsmønster normalt ingen sygdom ... ...

JOKES?: Sjællænderen: Er tanker normalt at have læge og kan en hjerne svarer egne tanker? Ja svarede Jyden ... ...

JOKES?: Sjællandske Bankers er alle uafhængige af pundene efter egen kantine-drift opnået ... ...

JOKES?: Kongehuset er en del af trosbekendelsen i Danmarks Folkekirke og folket forlader ca 20 000 årligt! ...

JOKES?: Banker tror, der er en sammenhæng og årsagen sygdom, at disse ikke behøver læse, forstår eller tage stilling til lovlige krav ved mails og hjemmesider, om finansiering fra Jens Peter her for produktion af Optiske Sollyspaneller i Danmark for job og vækst baseret på produktion i verdensklasse ... ...
Hvorfor tjene, lyder duplikken vi lever i og af kredit boghold.

JOKES?: Lægen repiterer: Paranoid og paranoia er om forfølgelse, ved ingen aktuel observation da udefra, som Henrik Volkert skrev og på observation ... ... for eventuel sygdom ... Er siden her rask da, sagt på jysk hos lægestudinen ... ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter får forskerstøtte under revalideringsordning siden 1999 og betaler ikke skat i henhold til virksomhedsskattelovgivningen, er han Stat da, spørger Roskildes politimesterbygherre fra sit nye trappehus. 

JOKES?: Picolinen på Politistationen: Jeg forstår det ikke, drengene siger jeg er skitzofren, og selv er de alle kun P.A. om de kan radio spirituelt ... ...

JOKES?: Hvorfor har "statsradioen" længere svartider, når borgerne henvender sig direkte verbalt? ... ...

JOKES?: The danish Prime: The Danish Prime has confessed, Vestas is not writing having Net Energy Earning nor Energy Break Even and selling weather reports on State television.

JOKES?: The danish Prime: The Danish Prime is going on a Holyday after doing hard time ... ... representing Wind fraud.

JOKES?: KARNOV: Det forlyder fra familien at faderfiguren er i frit fald og at Frk. Karnov må sende julehilsen til Jens Peter per SMS før til Frederik.

JOKES?: Agent hygge: Der bliver bliver brugt greb blands læge psykiater studiner på arbejdspladsen, ludergreb.

JOKES?: Jyden: Jyden har konstateret at sjæl-and ehm øen Sjælland er i recissiv depression ledet af bankdrenge, som fyrer kassen af udenlands ... ...

JOKES?: Donna og Sommer: Efter Donna Sommer udgav On The Radio har skitzofrene patienter fået lov til at lytte på kun musik ... ...

JOKES?: Psykiatrien: Når Staten har præsteskab, Når Staten har psykiaterer, hvorfor er det da læger som forsker i radio skitzofreni?

JOKES?: The Danish State Church is changing corporate Logo today 1. of December from Cross to colored round forms in Logo after Jens Peter over a decade back attacked positively in 5 Watt Walkey the same Church for crime in branding death by symbolic a Cross and not a Circle for birth ... ...

JOKES?: The Creation: When the Holy Bibble says Adam created Eve the State Church in Sweden sees a problem in creation according to Biology, since only women can give birth and men are only making reductions (Mitosis/Meiosis), so now Sweden is not only writing and preaching God as a man the Lord ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter has since 1996 been writing all Danish and Swedish Military, Police and Parliaments and all Churches (xxxx@sogn.dk) to have the Church legal ... ...

JOKES?: After the Escape to Sweden from red conservative Doctor Nystrup Roskilde needle, Jens Peter has returned to Denmark having bed and meals and work for free in Hospitals giving room for Office ... ... Commune pays Jens Peter 8700 DKK every 24 hours ... ...

JOKES?: When the Rice of the Flech is said in Vatican State and this is Jesus blood as wine, this is Jesus body in bread, then cannibalism in act is given from State against a private individual ... ...

JOKES?: The Christmas is Jesus Birthday and His Holiness The Pope in Rome will present a gift to Jesus after all 2012 years it is about time after rubbing concept in rubbery and killing is a crime before Jews ... ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter, som er single, vil efter Barbees manglende svar indrykke kontaktannoncer ... ... Hermed gjort i Kina?

JOKES?: Europa med Danmark og Riget i spidsen er faldet. For tidligere spionagechef i KGB Putind, som er skakorienteret. Fætter Pet har ikke fattet Jens Peter som sin egen bedste spion i Stratego forlader spilleområdet, og tager sin brik med sig ... ...

JOKES?: Forsvarskommandoen har taget tinsoldaterne væk efter det er rapporteret at Jens Peter, som Best Spy, forlader børneværelset Danmark ... ... Det som udlandet alle har som vinder med Jens Peter uden kontanter og største aktiver.

JOKES?: Jens Peter har opgivet her indsat 100 millioner som aktiv i B Schwartzlose & Søn Enterpriser efter samråd med Told og Skat topfinans efterforsker ... ...

JOKES?: Efter Dansk regnskabslov skal aktivet beskyttes, også efter Dansk lov må det gerne hentes i Beijing, det kræver dog Kinas underskrift dags dato ... ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter afventer en T-Shirt med sollyssamler celle logoer jævnfør illustrationer ovenfor i handelen, dog mangles et Dansk initiativ fra markedet i Jyske Bank Boxen i Herning (Textil område) for profit i stedet for gældsætning ... ...

JOKES?: Vestlige bankers problem er at Jens Peters formue i aktiver er så stor at han ikke kunne røves fattig, det gavner arvinger ... ...

JOKES?: Penge indehaverne vil ikke dele udlodningen af penge, og Jens Peter vil ikke dele sine aktiver, eneste som ikke har tabt og fastholdt sin solvens er Jens Peter ... ...

JOKES?: The Green Tech branch is not solvent after fraud in slogans, and they are simply living from credits and loans, and they can not reach Net Energy Earning and Profit without being subsidized, why Jens Peter is smiling all way to his next love affair ... ...

JOKES?: En studine er blevet klædt med agentens øjne blå. Hendes kodenavn er Barbee ... ... (Nude Bee).

JOKES?: DA, Psykriater studinen: Den danske psykoses væsen består i køb Russisk jern, undgå dansk "jern" og producer ikke Optiske Sollyspaneller ... ... Objektiv sygliggøres intelligens og Dansk ingeniør arbejde og patienten Danmark personificerer, som de har regeringen til at importerer efter dansk har forladt, som også forlader igen. Objektivt: Jeg overvejer selv job i udlandet efter endt uddannelse som en halv million andre dansk fødte intelligente bosiddende i udlandet ... ...

JOKES?: Danish economy is ask the hostile competant about progress and the technology gets all foreign .. ... under their finance control ... ...

JOKES?: Danish economy is walk over the river for water having Optical Solar Panels to produce by in all own resources but has chosen Russian and Chinese steel in wind power without Energy Break Even ... ...

JOKES?: Danish economy is ask a foreighn power for money print when having own coin ... ...

JOKES?: Power of danish is when a legal body signs State Earth owner, then under Danish ... ... but WHO?

JOKES?: Contra Espionage and not contra spionage, bankers does it ring a bell or are you only to openings and closings at the N.Y. Stock Exchange? Music: The winner takes it all, ABBA.

JOKES?: Jews do not hunt Germanians by name, after setting up Europe and USA before second world war in finance about interests in world dominans pro their one coin and Kingdom and one God ... ... forgetting Republics are winners ... Kind regards STATE PLANET EARTH ... ... President.

JOKES?: Chinas demand is a new world currency  and has already defined China as all under the star our Sun ... ...

JOKES?: The banking employees: The market without Jens Peter is not thrinking, we control China and one day China will open up the stock market in fully and China's vital stocks will be for sale, we win!?

JOKES?: Jens Peter out of business: The bankers yelled, when Jens Peter is out of business, then we await his pass and we take over the initiative and business from ehm China ... ...

JOKES?: The Danish Detrudes Mania: President Bill Clinton said Denmark you have got an emperor without dress, China made third capitalism, and Russia fucks up the left wing politically, in all in finance … … Financial product to Jens Peter, when Denmark and it is not a toast?

JOKES?: Kyoto and CO2: This week in Doha after the Arab Spring The Russian Federation has excluded them selves in signing a new contract with the rest of the world about CO2 reducements ... ... Why?

JOKES?: High Treason in Denmark a life sport for Danes; Who made the high treason? The inventor of SLES for securing his property in and by China tecnically by law, or oil folks freaks for working for exclusion of Jens Peter in the finance market making China the winner ... ... Law is secure your properties. Holding nation is to serve bottom line, then who is served the most ... ... Any debts Denmark, EU and U.S.A.?

JOKES?: When using light and hydrogen as cheapest fuel in OSP Power Plants, the physics are the boiled water under presure is cooled of to under a 100 C. at one Bar. Then no smoke fane and heat loos after the tubines, then cheap cooled and recycled water without toxic waist... ... (See logos and drawing page up).

JOKES?: Mr. Big Oil is lonely; In the States and UK lives an species addicted to oil. It sees nothing else and has got Jens Peter without money is winning. Problem is China get bigger and bigger to defend Optical Solar Panels ... ...

JOKES?: After Jens Peter send his fax to The Chinese Parliament for help including a Hangar Carier and a Submarine, Jens Peter became Swedish State Agent and China shows up in press in Swedish colors:

First base in Sweden buying Volvo ... ... First gift from USA have the Hummies ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter's assets and actives are not executed, only move is basis for Chinas growth and new capitalism stands for public, and giving an example in Big Oil and Gas advice fishing Algea at the Olympic Games in Beijing ... ...

JOKES?: Best advice about the environment and energy is B Schwartzlose & Son Enterprises Mobile EU+ 0045 27 50 55 85

JOKES?: The single Jens Peter next farther in law might cash the Bill of Echange with security in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems invents and properties, but Crown Prince Frederik Denmark as native Scandinavian from the castle in France objects ... ...

JOKES?: After Jens Peter offered The Danish Parliament and all Scandinavian Royal families the business for a Bill of Exchange and a Royal wedding, the Will as law basis was written to defend own property from further rubbery placed in China ... ...

JOKES?: When China is Heir, Russia is in the business as partner and the stock shares are sold in USA, all have united money is tool on a new capitalism and State ... ...

JOKES?: The concept collaps: Danish leaders and press fears China for public, USA gives China all modern commercial tech, Russia gives hangar carrier, China builds their own, and Big Oil and Gas can have an other credit to grow their own environmental bill even higher ... ...

JOKES?: When Jens Peter writes jokes, they are all in the meaning to have dangerous Big Oil and Gas to fight internal and seek the power in owing all, now USA fossil men control 50 percent of the fossil world market and the unpaid
cleaning bill including climate change ... ...

JOKES?: The doctor explains; When the big guys fight with their own brain difficulties Jens Peter avoids any confrontation as legal. Big Oil and Gas fear is reality shows up in their own mind, why they all ignore truth, by Jens Peter is presented in public as scientist and solver ... ...

JOKES?: Big Oil and Gas is renaming their coporate illustrated magazines to The Ignorant. In first isue the head line is: Cimate Change does not exist, it is made up; how can anything burned head anything up?

JOKES?: The Ignorant Magazine: Big Oil has stated, "We optimize our business"; in the show case in their law basis accounting a record showing cleaning up for toxics including CO2 is being erased ... ...

JOKES?: When Big Oil and Gas is talking renewable and sustainable they only talk about their own business not the environment ... ...

JOKES?: In case Big Oil and Gas wins, they are all in their grave, when the bill of climate change and other toxic pollution is due to be paid of by hard work ... ...

JOKES?: The Press Release in Legal terms the other day (2009) is wind power and solar power is not sold, wind and the sunshine is the only renewable part ...

JOKES?: Wind Power has reached Energy Break Even in the near future, the stock market reaction is, there is no Option ...

JOKES?: When Jens Peter asked all banks for money since 1996 even the National Bank in Denmark even the EU Central Bank, for Jens Peter to give a Bill of Exchange (Veksel, DA) the reply was a new person in charge and no change in policies for State and still out of business! ... ... The lounge men replaces own recrutes ... ...

JOKES?: Jens Peter has asked all Royal folks about having money for a Bill of Exchange but they cannot afford being tight up on Big Oil and Gas debts ... ... Publishers comment: Who is solvent then final account after cleaning up? Jens Peter or Big Oil & Gas ... ...

JOKES?: Banks reply is no reply, do not read, see or listen, world richest immaterial cannot give Bill of Exchange, only holder of the key to Energy Break Even and Net Energy Earning protected by now China and New Russia even Federal Law practice... ... We then might walk free in Court of Law as to stupid to medicate even punish!

JOKES?: China, PRC, can under own Law give away what is inherit under Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and more in shared rights legally ... National Banks reaction: give away money and pay interests for it but none for a Bill of Exchange ... ...

JOKES?: USA has formally ignored having owner and inventor here having a ranch and to buy two JSF F 35 Stealth jetfighters as sports wagon at his level, in the case from 2009 is USA is then covered and at balance in its state deficit budget ... ...

JOKES?: Any Kingdom State considering they Religion and King as planet owner under crown is seeking stability and peace and a stronger coin? Problem is best tool is starting a war to have sympathy and interest rates to rise ... ... Target a sand tunnel with coca cola bombed with laser guided missiles and not water ... ...

JOKES?: Optimum for Big Oil and Coal is any war, blow up the store house and hostile business' in the branch, all for me attitude!

JOKES?: The student asks: When at all time confronted with Jens Peter's age, well guys what is aging you have all lost teeth and driving dads Porsche or Volvo? Jens Peter has not lost any teeth and is driving me crazy in bed!

JOKES?: Owner and inventor of Optical Solar Panels running Sunlight Laser Energy Systems and most valid and asset strong asked the banks in the West about having a financial product sense 1995, The reply from all major banks are we do not wish to have contact being insolvent rescued by taxpayers governments having USA running in 400 percent debts of its GNP/GDP/BNP. The owner Jens Peter solvent stayed the same and is still rising using State commune as bank ... ...

JOKES?: Real Estate: Real Estate in Denmark is a solvent business, properties rise all the time as asset, though properties get old and are not suitable for Optical Solar Panels to have new age financial income on holders Estates mostly commercial banks... ...

JOKES?: People consider them selves rich in the West having Asia holding the product and industry and people in numbers for stability living on a credit, cash in hand and mercy from the Bank is having a life ... ...

JOKES? When assets are to be saved for the future China has got the energy to last to keep and hold civilization by part owing and control of Optical Solar Panels production, now armoring for world power and dominance... ...

JOKES?: DA: Personalet internt; De studerende enedes alene på skuden om agenten, som gik alene i læge haj hallen og hyggede med Helle, skulle deciplinærtrænes og ind for et 13-tal om kvinders sexualitet. Opsat var palletank under loftet til intravenøst acutara og i drop til abeslips helt op gennem kavelergang paa Jens Peter og bæltning under læge Helle, som skrev i det røde feldt: I tiden fremover medicineres til D-skål og kønslæber opnået. Da da min Pt. vil blive indformeret Lundbaek er sponsor.

JOKES?: China and Russia is in Jewish learning books published from USA atheist nations, according to them selves they have got Intelligence first and even as Religion ... ...

JOKES?: The student's comment: According to above, then "money loose" ... ...

JOKES?: Who are the patients then here: Winning is being depended and living on credits then holding cash and feast, a freedom act is?

JOKES?: The American act is New York is having the Statue of Liberty, Kolding Denmark a war submarine paid by LM Glasfiber for Westas is The liberty of Russian steel as land mark on the harbor site ...

JOKES?: In Middlespeed City in Fyen is living Your Ex and German expressed as history in and about DIN EX. As business it means a boost in rubbed cleaning tools and business closed for Jens Peter in the 80'ties ...

JOKES?: When Jens Peter visited Houston last time he was invited to Dallas to see General Dynamic's Jetfighter factory ....

JOKES?: When Jens Peter enters a flight he visits the cock pit, when Jens Peter visits a ferry he visits the bridge, when entering space all is completed ... ...

JOKES?: In Denmark lives the Mad-sen family, when running business they make the business men runs the risk and the wife's runs with the cash, as song and most popular Danish folk music the song goes: Madsen rub the cash register. In Jens Peters business they forgot before... taking over the cleaning business sitting in Court as responsible rubbing them selves from State ... ...

JOKES?: When the red wing in Denmark defends the Red Bridge in Roskilde they make the continuing of B. Schwartzlose engineering repair, when actually B. Schwartzlose & Son here is the continuing party ...

JOKES?: When Police Assistant Frankie boy beats up intelligence on Roskilde library in 19991222 before a crowd yelling hammer Jens Peter, the P.A. stated his military illusion back up to fuck up his party today in Danish Government ... ... (www.SF.dk).

JOKES?: When the Red Wing wanted Jens Peter as stalker against the Swedish Crown Princess Britney already had made a song and the Crown Princess got love sick, reality is?

JOKES?: Before the Crown Princess in Sweden got love sick she made a song live on national television about Her love above all Peter Köppman (grosser) ...

JOKES?: When Miss Mariah Carey made a comment to a album a Princess was reduced to potato princess ...

JOKES?: When Roskilde Police shows up to catch the load in invents, Per Willemoes Jensen can see through a door and the hearing is not in court but the lock smith was by his side, but all saw a female police assistant in their own rubbery of Royal letters ...

JOKES?: Roskilde Police is reliable by all means, Kolding commune is even more about legal justice rubbing State and intelligence...

JOKES?: When entering a Bank in Denmark, you enter Big Oil and Gas like everywhere else on this planet and addicted to coin ...

JOKES?: Peter and named Jens on Zealand from Skanderborg and Aalborg brought up in Mikkelborg is having expensive brain vitamine injections for free ...

JOKES?: A Royale Great Dane was interviewed.
Statement, support JENS PETER with finance and die stupid!
Host: Are you in for good?
     F: No, I am not a Buddhist.
Host: Are you in for a kill?
     F: No, I am Christian named Frederik!
Host: Are you Clairevatist having Intelligence first?
     F: No!
Host: Are you a skitzofrenic smoker?
     F: No, I am Prince implicit!
Host: We confess Great Danes are stupid having nose in front!

JOKES?: ISI: The formula of the Universe can be written “Endless” … …

JOKES?: ISI Denmark: The Danish Royalties has been seen on a regular and private basis with a wide brand of intellectuals in the Danish papers for life … …

JOKES?: ISI: The Royal family in Denmark by the Ministry for Climate change, and the energy has made friends all over this planet to be suitable to place only their Royal Crown and State over all life and States on this planet dominating State Planet Earth as alternative, go
www.Kemin.dk … …

JOKES?: ISI Thai: From SPACE arrived a short message. In The Danish territory lives a frog. In its chambers all is about understanding the Zealand bed having pussy in hand, why Jysk is avoided - - - Mush too wet … …

JOKES?: Danish Royal is all about “rubbing” or “planning” pussy - - How to Enter but right from SPACE (Smile your keyboard) …

JOKES?: ISA Thai: Demanding Royal Thai was a fatal paranoia; a spiritual night bottle of water in the madras and genie was found and not Jens Peter … …

JOKES?: ISA Thai: Latest bulletin is the weather is won in Danish Television 2 and wind mills removed in any forecasts. Code is the temperature shown year round, is close to Kilo Watt per Hour per day voltage to catch in Optical Solar Panels ... …

JOKES?: Danish students in Medicine at Military Hospital Helsingør hosting President State Planet Earth has located the "danish" (D-) muscle above as Danish protein structures ... ... It is located as "brain"!

JOKES?: Kingdoms are all based on the intellect and has never placed metal above Bio even Earth. Spiritually Kingdums rules spiritually its people and family and as body energy they all know what nature brings in ehm spiritually, as superior metal is above all...

JOKES?: Religion: Space is limited, who is behind, then one God was invented? Then a wall, then what is behind it? The dark and they call and bow for it ... ..

JOKES?: The largest things all started with a "Yes", and the smallest thing to materialize is a "No" ... ..

JOKES?: The Accountor’s all claims SCHWARTZLOSE is never going to make it, we owe this Planet, then invited Peter to a Casino table, PETER placed his Planet on Red, The Accountor’s glared. "But PETER here we the highest bit is a "Cartons"...

JOKES?: Owner of this site never had the Swedish Nobel Price for discovering Net Energy Earning proven in practice ... ...

JOKES?: ISI; When it was confirmed by the largest National Network Israel shot down an unmaned U.S. Army fighter jet Saturday the 6. of October, Red October was berried, and the shown video was sent to heaven ... ...

JOKES?: ISI; Israel shot down the unarmed head of Gods own Social Security Police car stamped Military on observation, what the client was up to, making crime playing Star War ruler of the local Galaxcy or revolt towards a one God Jewish Kingdom? ... ...

JOKES?: ISI; Theft is universal a crime.The Jews Kingdom concept and Religion is without the 10 commitments and Kingdoms place them selves over Law because making fraud as leader for their "race"... ... Why else no Legal law and the commitments and process destroying this Planet and polluting and ignoring death to living, it is a war act Planet Earth residents! They well know, are educated, sane and profit in part Tax free.


JOKES?: USA NASA astronauts is in concept for spacewalks still babies...
Why? They are connected like a baby fosters...

JOKES?: USA NASA has packed the ferry's to have the Space Elevator directly from owner here.

JOKES?: USA NASA has observed the Universe is only one Universe having seen Galaxies spin and travels from many directions... ..

JOKES?: USA NASA has released Galaxies are by photo evidence in half and cut when on distance as prove of the singular Universe is collapsing and optics Homo Sapiens made is complete... ...

JOKES?: INTER STELLAR INTELLIGENCE has release by media Jens Peter earlier on Earth Internet, there never was a Jewish Lord and creator, since universal you can never from nothing have all existing from nothing, why all ever existed. The anus theory in state of mind the singular Universe contracts in endless SPACE is a fraud, since all mass cannot gather in one point without shining up mush earlier as STARS... .. ISI tells all started in a movement a screw and spin and life began and we have just bee-gun... ... When endless SPACE then how to avoid expanding... The smallest thought is a No and a Yes is everlasting... .. SPACE has got no limit then what is the boarder and then what is behind why SPACE continues... ..

JOKES?: Homo Sapiens Prison breed set the intelligence under pressure and the clever starts talking even work for free and as power we get away with it as earthling monkeys, their problem is, there is no where out and their values are to heavy to leave and passing SPACE custom means value stripped without 'sex'... ... Folks option is not business or pleasure it is life.

JOKES?: The head of states in Denmark as Queen signing own laws Rex for King in Latin and not Regina for Queen has placed Her crown monogram as State over my Planet property in Her State governments Internet site under my protest for years... ...

JOKES?: FEMA Sapiens the modern Sapiens is Bee in genetics ... ...

JOKES?: Planet Earth is not placed life by ISI and The Master and ruler at that time never shot in Laser Beam the grave and deepest place on Planet Earth as warming and evidence for war power... ... And else where here... ...

JOKES?: The fossils and coal from wood was never packed after being produced and ISI property and now own State resource... ...

JOKES?: Quarts was never formatted and produced and stored in grain for the inventor of Optical Solar Panels... ...

JOKES?: Mining Norway will solve road building and infrastructure where hills are mostly a cross south to north... ...

JOKES?: Owner of this Planet and local Galaxy area given and by the Legal Law understands environment and Ecosystems and why a monkey as example is trapped in hot waters in Japan shitting and pissing in its own tab water... ...

JOKES?: Stars of above are not Satellites shooting laser with a camera behind to observe Earthling activity... ...

JOKES?: The longest time to travel in Galaxies is in the Spirit... ...

JOKES?: Owner of this planet can be said Peter's quartz release... ..

JOKES?: Paranormal and UFO evidence has never been released on www.google.com inside USA... ... nor the Egypt nor the Inca Empires.

JOKES?: Holding the Sky in energy is homo sapiens made writing signs and placing Galaxy Warship size of the moon and feeding the nearest Sun is made in Hollywood... ... Photo on this Internet site.

JOKES?: Homo Sapiens understand these jokes as jokes no one reads and have read this site in total... ...

JOKES?: Noah's arch is not Earth, and Adam and Eve is history and not the rescue of this Planet, so Eve's has arrived...

JOKES?: The local monkey Homo Sapiens is prison breed and the continuing of its genetics is based on rape and rubbery og intelligence to share what is not understood, why they keep FEMA Sapiens a live as slaves for money and for food and supplies... ...

JOKES?: Jews has been observed as Clairevatists and as labor... ...

JOKES?: The Jews never made Homo based Kingdoms World Wide... ...

JOKES?: China never removed the Jewish State Empire in Europe and Jew agents never erase the fact in history books in Denmark being "Kingdum'... ...

JOKES?: World coin is not PETER"S coin on the Vatican's home site.. ...

JOKES?: Owner of this site is not spiritual as Head of own State on Galaxy level hawing Galaxy Powers present real time presented... Brought up close to the largest Catholic none quarter in Denmark... ...

JOKES?: JOKES? and stories are from now released here in my Guestbook.

JOKES?: On mobiles simply update this site and your window is the same.

JOKES?: Releases every day in American and/or Danish.

JOKES?: Stay tuned honey.

JOKES?: Jeg var blank... ...

JOKES?: Efter Frederik og livgarden havde gogget til laeger studiner i vagtstuen er showet nu slut.

JOKES?: I sin panik psycose som rygende Prince kreavede Han damerne til strip forhoer hos sig hanegalende at Jens Peter skal underkastes has datter og den Danske krone bliver verdensmynt og State Planet Earth under Krone... ... Og hans joede Stats koncept som vinder... ... Enclosed, the Curtin down all the time and no lights on.

JOKES?: "We need a vacation so please visit Gilleleje Denmark for talks":
When a virgin steeped on a Optical Solar Panel and looked down to this type of panel, the virgin said, they cannot see the light. When Mr. Finance looks in to it, they see it cannot be touched in the seal of hard matter and he needs time to write off what he owns, when Mr. Coal looks at it he can see the virgins sex in the light doing why he has dropped signing new debts, why any virgin we have to correct about we can talk about sex... (Who is that girl? and what panel to circle all of above)...

JOKE?: "Missing-You": When do you arrive in private not leaving trace about your trip to me to finally meet me in person. The pact is still a live and we where mend to Bee, I know your voice and you have heard mine too...

Have I got news for you to talk about and never more in the street Miss S..., then I stay to eat, travel and stay stay happy on our journey...

JOKE?: "We are all laid back and have got a message for you": The Captain above was asked from the hangar carrier Invisible how is it to fly invisible pilots? The pilot high above replied the Bridge while playing cards: We do not fly Captain; we swim in electricity and water... Just like Peter said in Sweden presenting drawings in private on paper from his luggage...

JOKE?: "More American contact add": The inventor of Optical Solar Panels with all rights to produce and writer of this site has been single for decades, never had any wife or children and trying to raise our American family and have a new home and get out of a USA 1000 Dollar monthly income without your help... with outstanding science and know-how and Good-Will in USD in hundred of millions in USA... is now seeking a job as your house-keeper and having nice and polite talks... this will include the business can be American having address in USA.

You read right, so who is to try "trust", or what about saving Tax investing the tax money in my business making jobs and pay Tax later. Common legal business as private or business making more money and having your money work the way you what it saving Tax making simply one lifetime job for me and then our US business named job creating making a strong economy.

What really matters? But having a good time and enjoy life after working hours living American....

What matters to you in everyday life? A good laugh? Please use e-mail letter. No mails to now in my e-mail box to me from you to reply at all from anyone world wide. What holds you back?

JOKE? "All American": Have you heard Sunlight Laser Energy Systems producing Optical Solar Panels is an Incorporated under construction? That means when the President talk about American innovation he also speaks to and about Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. since when under construction the justice and psychical place for the Inc. is in United States of America.

JOKE?: All in private from text above under "Economy": You can order OSP, i.e. 1000 M2 placed in California USA income budget (CSP Data 2007): 1000 m2 OSP x 10 KW/h/day x 70% to power effect x $0.08 KW/h price sold profit x 365 day/year = $204 400 your year income.

JOKE?: USA: 700 000 persons will per year from saving imported fossils like oil and gas alone become new US$millionaires being Optical Solar Panels owners, energy export should be you holding the resource: Light?

JOKE?: "What could come true on my next birthday": Today an American bank faxed me and confirmed the transaction to me of 3 Billion US$to own accounts in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems shares and start up capital ready for trading and to serve USA, or you or your family will start up Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Sales Inc. or we agree to drop all about the business and money and fame or leave the jobs to everybody else or we agree being family to live happily ever after and beyond waiting for Royalties in Patterns and Designs Rights and the income.

JOKE?: Santa Claus is now on vacation on the melting North "Pool": Santa Claus is optimistic next Christmas and in this sessions in the Government in Washington the translation and addressing the people will be right and True Green, True Renewable and True Sustainable lasting ever to have as many lasting jobs as possible and as time go by keep civilization and resources for ever more having our planet in balance and safe…

JOKE:? Three monkeys in family were sitting at the hot coals in an agent fossil age. Who owns the fire in light and the Sun?, the child asks. It is for free money is not invented!, the reply was from the mother. Then what when the light is captured over all the coals and installations in the near future?, the child asks. The wise theologically daddy replied, then light captures replaces coal and installation on land and gives more profit per square over time…

JOKE?: Political agenda in Evolution: After a huge tsunami wave event from heating up Earth and its own nuclear reactor (Platonic Star has land/continents on top) deep down a monkey “human” couple was sitting fishing with their tail in Juridical Age. What do we do with the only coconut left behind the wave? The wife asked her husband. Her husband replied: We have left the trees; they are all gone, so let us step directly to the Stone Age and break and eat the coconut. She replied: But my love then we have no bed in any palm tree to throw coconuts at the monkeys. A priest and an erotologist found the excavation and asked themselves what is the “tail” of this story in evolution… Could it be not only biological politics or is this Fossil Age addiction to oil, coal and gas in coconut as example?

JOKE?: "Questions for students": One limitation for capitalism about simply to grow in population and in demand, production and profits to be a success is i.e. enough clean energy to the end of time and to continue in Space in a clean inhabitant and have Planet Earth Administration, being State, then we all can defend us from invasion or impacts from the Universe and in mind have in common to defend our Planet and living place healthy to have endless civilization for all generations to come...

JOKE?: "Other question for students": Why is the human being and Nature not an asset in any Nation book-keeping made year centuries back in history. Then any Nation could balance its State budget and serve its people the best possible and print money on the value on human life. Then goals for Nations would be to compete in better living, care, quality, long life time etc. And not to have Nature as looser as asset the same way to have a win-win situation. Nations could then print money just like when having gold and other material assets for job creation, schooling, study, science, creativity and other activity and infrastructure and a long and healthy life. When needed the value on a human being and/ or can simply be raised to meet demand in what progresses or developments agreed. New type of jobs could be created cleaning the planet having all to work or cared for, and as global civilization finance to establish us on other planets or moons in our Solar System and Space. Preventing it is money and most Nations are not having cash or Tax enough to pay or able to finance the process, now you as reader know energy is not limited to lift us all. Why it is a pig in a stable is an asset and not the human being in State book-keeping to have United Nations agreed goals for all human beings to happen as soon as possible in an intelligent manner. Why new born human life as cost for State and why not asset i.e. an economy know from a professional sport. Can economy in learning of today solve or will it be changed adjusted to modern time and save millions of individuals and Nations and private economy, when banking and Nations compete in own coin value and most people globally living in debts even without income and banking is a business having income from giving loan etc. Can banking business concept be changed, when not educated in such economy written here combined with known basic science, i.e. Biology etc. about what happens when changes are made in an inhabitant small or globally on planet level? What a market by this that can be made knowing banking makes more value than industry... Will migration be solved when able to live where born from any nation?

JOKE?: "Other question for students":Are all costs on energy of today included cleaning up and have Nature to store CO2 on land (Ecology; Carbon Circle, habitat succession (including toxics/none organic material fertilizers), volcano activity combined to global climate change has been school reading in Scandinavia in Europe since 1970'ties. How can economists, environmental consult, engineers even doctors graduate their profession never understood basic Biology and Ecology and Energy calculation having learning books serving the industry ready for them as consult or sales after graduation for profit maximization and cost minimaxization and risk when wrong is insurance matter, price or Tax raise for people to pay in process not taking care of our planet or stock exchange collapse. And to be frank when youth enter a study they get isolated and are not in touch with other intellectual fields in leaning. Government world wide are divided in departments by education and not able to combine science facts. In economics this is named chaos and the political leader is named chaos pilot. On the boarder a circle full of lines crossing without direction. Today more than ever many people are confused and depressed and stressed from everyday living. One might say one day, but there is direction; When holding the fire then the power go upwards and it is not for love or for better and for good... Agent times?

JOKE?: Two monkeys got caught in a cage with a clock and a banana. The first monkey asked: What do we do to be in right time and place and not be caught? The other monkey replied: “Watch” out!, and eat the banana!

JOKE?: Two very frighten monkeys was sitting in a jungle opening looking at one banana.
“How do we share?”, the first asked hiding its eyes.
We “split”!, and they both escaped the banana…

Published USA News

Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc./Lcc. (USA) SMS or my own private phone directly (Denmark+0045): 31 10 68 89 today in Denmark (real time), Europe. I seek new address' in Denmark, California and New York and The U.K. Do we have a line? Why this. 20 years gone by and over 1 million readers and no business calls or letters nor fan mails nor income. I only reply in person and no switch board. All calls and SMS will be replied the same day.

20121129 Swedins largest paper in Skåne releases the 20121124 The wind and solar industry in Europe is only red figures. After Sunlight Laser Energy Systems released Energy Break Even and Net Energy Earning reached the fraud about renewable has shown in stock values. Later Green Energy as brand is simply more furtilizer and a more greener planet from CO2 as Green House gas, sold by the same fossil branch interest. They know and market reacts, Swedish:

Röda siffror för grön energi

Produktionen av förnyelsebar energi har mer än dubblats på fem år. Trots det blöder stora aktörer som danska Vestas och norska REC. Svenska börsbolag inom cleantech, som Opcon och Morphic, ska vi inte ens tala om.


20121126 Press Release Sunlight Laser Energy Systems one page over 100 000 readers and in millions informed:

20121011 1400 CET Press Release to about 50 000 Danish Corporate and institutions and politicians and Government;
New Royal family and breed in Denmark in the benefit of its people, how else to win back international respect?

From: peter@stateearth.com
Sent: 10/11/2012 14:00
To: tva@dr.dk; folketinget@ft.dk; vejret@tv2.dk; fm@fm.dk; stm@stm.dk (Politi@Politi.dk)
Cc: peter@stateearth.com; peterclaireschwartzlose@hotmail.com; pcn2122@regionh.dk; ireport@cnn.com
Subject: 13:59 NEW Øre 30 per KW / Time Dansk net k valitet uden statstilskud > 25 % for rent nin g af Deres kapital. Etableringsomk. 50 USD Cent per KW/h/1.år senest år 10 i Danmark placering Sydeuropa til lands ti l va nds i luften i SPACE WW.

 Goddag til alle du ved af, ... også til privat mobiler RUNDKASTNING, tillige indehaver af Rene Linier Rengøring v/ JPS, Kolding. Andre sprøgsmål her, hvorfor skrotter USA rumfærger, Hvad er fremtiden for Dansk Container trafik? Hvordan ser den bedste bro ud? When reinventing the best is made impossible - - SCHWARTZLOSE & Son BRIDGES medsendt her. Balloner inklusive... ...  til PV Solar og vindmøllepartiernes valgkamp for energioverskud... ... 1995-2012 = 17 år og ikke på Finansloven hvorfor? Folkeskole matematik beregnings niveau. 

... Og på -1- M2 Optiske Sollys Paneller kan grilles en kylling... til 1 % af prisen uanset ude temperatur, for PV Solpaneller med statstilskud, som kendtes i Sovjet økonomi tiden om Statsstøtte programmer og industri kolapser... Advarsel alle sande Danske investorer, gå selv! USA og Kina har Nature Law, Sustainable: "Have Energy Back" (www.NEEProfit.net).

Besøg www.NEEProfit.com (Husk at se Britney Spears Video "3" om Schwartzlose på Piller... Nej, jeg hedder ikke Lars men Peter - er ikke til lease, men til Jydsk og på at bygge bro ... ... til Sofie?) og glem ikke friede i 2009 officielt i X17: http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=BSpearsJaydenPaci0816_X17
Åbningsbelance i B. Schwartzlose & Søn Enterprise 100 Millioner kroner immaterielt, så hvornår på Finansloven Dronning Rex?

Ekstra Bladet skrev opfinder om afsender, da Dronningen skulle informeres men afvist af Willemoes på Roskilde Domkirkeplads, hvad skulle Dronningen ikke vide af eller allerede alt vidende? Og hvordan det?. Går Frederik af som konge før tid siden Høvelte Kasserne står i vejen for et togt til Helsingør Staten SPE... ...

Arrogancen og bedre vidende og befolkning holdt velsmurt af udlandet som en vinder. Opfinder og producent får ikke egne finanser og udlandet tjenes. Er der problemer klarer verdenspressen Se & Hør i samarbejde med Roskilde Politi ansatte propaganda. Når borgeren så får partindlæg som her forsøges Amerikans Kinesisk post stoppet, men det er jo at tabe, De læste Amerikans Kinesisk ikke Dansk, så hvordan vindes tilbage for alle Danskere? Ny Konge slægt ... ...

Flere pressemeddelelser på www.Sunlight-Laser-Energy-Systems.com til hele familien, tegninger til børn og unge sjæle, historiske banebrydende opfindeler, finans, beskæftigelse, energi beregninger, lovgivning, Statskoncept med videre. Et studie værd i politisk videnskab og markedsføring.

Med venlig hilsen
B. Schwartzlose & Son Enterprise
ved søn/

Peter Schwartzlose
Lokation Helsingør
Dato 2012 10 11
Oplysning til Borger, nødværnslov i underholdningsformat. Alvorligt.

20121001 Press release www.NEEProfit.com opens and B. Schwartzlose & Son Enterprise with an opening balance in book-keeping immaterial is DKK 100 Million over 10 Million US$:

20120624 1930CET www.Optical-Solar-Panels.com have had a rush the yesterday and doubled its visitors. You are not alone reading:


2012 June image photo this summer UFOs?, For more, please visit www.StateEarth.com:


20120825 CET / 12:25 WASHINGTON USA: USA President releases letter to Sunlight Laser Energy Systems:

Remark the respond is friendly and ONLY stands as long as this Internet site www.optical-solar-panels.com under USA Federal and Military Law is not being updated or changed in anything in real time. Thank you Friend Barack and since not resident or having business address in the USA I cannot legally donate. Sender and paid for by The Democratic Party in part:

20120611 New IEA Publication released:
Was this reading here relevant for you dear reader, and can IEA help how solvent you economy is and/or ready for the future without my personal consult and our personal contact up? Sunlight Laser Energy Systems are not in this publication legally and not paid for, by mail to me in part:

Please also visit our new website, www.iea.org/etp

ETP 2012 shows:

progress on clean energy deployment, and what can be done to accelerate it

How energy security and low carbon energy are linked

How energy systems will become more complex in the future, why systems integration is beneficial and how it can be achieved

How demand for heating and cooling will evolve dramatically and which solutions will satisfy it

Why flexible electricity systems are increasingly important, and how a system with smarter grids, energy storage and flexible generation can work

Why hydrogen could play a big role in the energy system of the future

Why fossil fuels will not disappear but will see their roles change, and what it means for the energy system as a whole

What is needed to realise the potential of carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Whether available technologies can allow the world to have zero energy related emissions by 2075 - which seems a necessary condition for the world to meet the 2°C target

For more information or for ordering larger quantities, please contact the IEA bookshop at

Kind regards,
The ETP team and the IEA bookshop.

20120519 G8 in USA agreed goals about Energy and Climate in chapter 10:

To read more click the following link;
From: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/05/19/camp-david-declaration

Energy and Climate Change
10. As our economies grow, we recognize the importance of meeting our energy needs from a wide variety of sources ranging from traditional fuels to renewables to other clean technologies. As we each implement our own individual energy strategies, we embrace the pursuit of an appropriate mix from all of the above in an environmentally safe, sustainable, secure, and affordable manner. We also recognize the importance of pursuing and promoting sustainable energy and low carbon policies in order to tackle the global challenge of climate change. To facilitate the trade of energy around the world, we commit to take further steps to remove obstacles to the evolution of global energy infrastructure; to reduce barriers and refrain from discriminatory measures that impede market access; and to pursue universal access to cleaner, safer, and more affordable energy. We remain committed to the principles on global energy security adopted by the G-8 in St. Petersburg.

20120410 USA New York Times writes under the issue Solar among more:

From: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/energy-environment/solar-energy/index.html

There are several ways to use the sun’s power to generate electricity. One of the most promising is called concentrating solar power. This involves using mirrors to reflect and focus the sun’s rays, providing heat, which in turn helps power a generator.

20120410 Maximum in other Solar Panels or systems are far from Optical Solar Panels performance.
Wikipedia or users ignore or erase Optical Solar Panels and none mechanic Mirror Pipes over reflecting material as optimum for Solar ray catching and energy cost. What to say: The public and investors and governments are being ignored and can make wrong politics in own even as producer or State interest.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concentrated_solar_power

Concentrating technologies exist in four common forms, namely parabolic trough, dish Stirlings, concentrating linear Fresnel reflector, and solar power tower.[9] Although simple, these solar concentrators are quite far from the theoretical maximum concentration.[10][11] For example, the parabolic-trough concentration gives about 1/3 of the theoretical maximum for the design acceptance angle, that is, for the same overall tolerances for the system. Approaching the theoretical maximum may be achieved by using more elaborate concentrators based on nonimaging optics.

20120405: The Whitehouse, USA, Job Acts Bill Signing. President Barack Obama speaks and signs a

bipartisan agreed law for ordinary the American people to invest directly in a small business they believe in going online using the Internet and i.e. buy shares. You can also reserve shares for free at any time in Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc. to have capital to have USA address as priority number one fully legal using the Internet simply writing us e-mail for more information about what to do. All will have respond. Read more:

From: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/04/05/remarks-president-jobs-act-bill-signing

The President: "And for start-ups and small businesses, this bill is a potential game changer. Right now, you can only turn to a limited group of investors -- including banks and wealthy individuals -- to get funding. Laws that are nearly eight decades old make it impossible for others to invest. But a lot has changed in 80 years, and it’s time our laws did as well. Because of this bill, start-ups and small business will now have access to a big, new pool of potential investors -- namely, the American people. For the first time, ordinary Americans will be able to go online and invest in entrepreneurs that they believe in.

20111107 USA New York Times Editor Solar Power now cost effective



Here Comes the Sun

But that may be about to change. We are, or at least we should be, on the cusp of an energy transformation, driven by the rapidly falling cost of solar power. That’s right, solar power.

If that surprises you, if you still think of solar power as some kind of hippie fantasy, blame our fossilized political system, in which fossil fuel producers have both powerful political allies and a powerful propaganda machine that denigrates alternatives.” …

So what you need to know is that nothing you hear from these people is true. Fracking is not a dream come true; solar is now cost-effective. Here comes the sun, if we’re willing to let it in.

20110722 Federal regulators laid down principles on Thursday for planning

and paying for new power lines,



U.S., Seeking to Reshape Electric Grid, Adopts a Power Line Rule

Published: July 21, 2011

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators laid down principles on Thursday for planning and paying for new power lines, part of a long-term policy effort to help the nation’s electricity grid grow enough to meet the demands of renewable energy and a competitive electricity market.

20110126 Remarks by the President in State of Union Address

President Barack Obama: “At the California Institute of Technology, they’re developing a way to turn sunlight and water into fuel for our cars. At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, they’re using supercomputers to get a lot more power out of our nuclear facilities. With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with biofuels, and become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. (Applause.)

We need to get behind this innovation. And to help pay for it, I’m asking Congress to eliminate the billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies. (Applause.) I don’t know if -- I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re doing just fine on their own. (Laughter.) So instead of subsidizing yesterday’s energy, let’s invest in tomorrow’s.

Now, clean energy breakthroughs will only translate into clean energy jobs if businesses know there will be a market for what they’re selling. So tonight, I challenge you to join me in setting a new goal: By 2035, 80 percent of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources”. (Applause.)

From: http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/01/26/2011-state-union-address-enhanced-version

20100609 NASA USA Releases latest climate report:


Global Warming

By Holli Riebeek Design by Robert Simmon June 3, 2010

"Throughout its long history, Earth has warmed and cooled time and again. Climate has changed when the planet received more or less sunlight due to subtle shifts in its orbit, as the atmosphere or surface changed, or when the Sun’s energy varied. But in the past century, another force has started to influence Earth’s climate: Human activity.

Previous versions of this article were published in 2007 and 2002. Archived versions are available as PDF files.

(NASA astronaut photograph ISS022-E-6678.)

What is Global Warming?

Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past century primarily due to the greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels".

Click Earth photo and read more in the very interesting report.

20100507 1224 CET: USA is going to hydrogen away from fossils and other fuel in transport sector

from year 2030 the latest. The cheapest way has earlier been released on www.energy.gov is Sun Laser, the technique in Optical Solar Panels sold by SLES Inc.:

http://www.energy.gov/energysources/hydrogen.htm :


Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier (like electricity) made from diverse domestic resources such as renewable energy (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal), nuclear energy, and fossil energy (combined with carbon capture/sequestration). Hydrogen in the long-term will simultaneously reduce dependence on foreign oil and emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants.

In his 2003 State of the Union Address, President Bush announced the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, a $1.2 billion commitment over 5 years to accelerate hydrogen related research to overcome obstacles in taking hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from the laboratory to the showroom. Fuel cell vehicles operating on hydrogen are zero-emission vehicles.

The Energy Hydrogen Program is making progress towards the goal of a 2015 commercialization decision on hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles and the infrastructure to fuel them through an aggressive research program that accelerates the timeline for resolving technical and economic barriers. Energy’s Hydrogen Posture Plan, outlines the activities, milestones, and deliverables Energy plans to pursue to support America's shift to a hydrogen-based transportation energy system. A positive decision will yield the beginning of mass market penetration in 2020. As transportation accounts for over two-thirds of the oil consumed daily, the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Program is primarily focused on developing hydrogen technology for the transportation sector. The best near-term technology solution to reducing oil consumption and emissions is by making energy-efficient choices such as purchasing gasoline hybrid electric vehicles.

The Energy Hydrogen Program includes participation from the Offices of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE), Fossil Energy (FE), Nuclear Energy (NE), and Science (SC). The Program coordinates interactions with industry, academia, and the international community (such as the International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy). The National Hydrogen Energy Roadmap and A National Vision of America's Transition to a Hydrogen Economy-to 2030 and Beyond are two guiding documents that provide a blueprint for the coordinated, long-term, public and private efforts required for hydrogen energy development and summarize the potential role for hydrogen systems in America's energy future, outlining the common vision of the hydrogen economy.

Energy also co-chairs an Interagency Taskforce which is a mechanism for collaboration among nine federal agencies (Energy, Agriculture, NASA, Transportation, Commerce, State, Defense, Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Science Foundation).

The Energy Hydrogen Program responds to recommendations in the President's National Energy Policy and the Department’s Strategic Plan.

Some of the links on this page are subject to the DOE disclaime

2009 The Republican Party Energy policies:

The American Energy Act

An "All-of-the-Above" Solution for Energy Independence

Increase production of American-made energy in an environmentally-sound manner.
Promote new, clean and renewable sources of energy such as nuclear, clean-coal-technology, wind and solar energy.
Encourage greater efficiency and conservation by extending tax incentives for energy efficiency and rewarding development of greater conservation techniques and new energy sources.
Cut red-tape and reduce frivolous litigation.
The American Energy Act is an "all-of-the-above" solution that offers more affordable energy, more well-paying jobs, energy independence, and a cleaner environment.

From: http://www.gop.gov/energy

Comment by Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc./LCC: This should make it easy to meet for Republicans and Democrats in making investments directly or make finance available through new legislation for the finance sector or an Agency.

And since Optical Solar Power Plants are the best choice in economics, job creation and for export and towards energy independence, we believe Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Inc./Lcc. shares are a strong and safe investment.

Optical Solar Panels can live up to United Nations on going climate goals in reducing CO2 in all.

Being share owner means being owner of some part of a business. All are welcome to make reservations in shares.

You or other Nations or group of States could do the same and order Optical Solar Panels made in EU by SLES.

1996 Press Release and USA later drops how NASA the shottles:

19960603 Confiscation evidence execution of science and know how in Thors Kvarter Greve Denmark by Court, when having a rent according to law practice, later coming Monday made legal by the same left wing judge in own act protected by West Area of Copenhagen Police:

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How to walk sunshine but captured.
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2009 & 20121118 Press Release Net Energy Earning and wind as example to Danish Prime and ever sitting head of State:

From: Jens Peter Claire Schwartzlose
Sent: 11/15/2012 14:10
 To: Pol Dansk Folkeparti; Pol Enhedslisten Landskontoret; Pol VENSTRES LANDSORGANISATION; politi@politi.dk; nsj@politi.dk; um@um.dk; fm@fm.dk; ireport@cnn.com; 1224@eb.dk; 1234@TV2.DK; 1929@bt.dk; 71000@aftonbladet.se; fragaexpressen@expressen.se
 Cc: Frk. Karnov emne BarBee i psykiatri; president@whitehouse.gov; Washington Post to all Editors; World Resources Institute Mary Maguire Director of Library Services Director of Library Servi+1 (202) 729-7602; IHT alle Editors; Papers USA Today all Editors; China Daily State paper Please all Editors; Express Bank; Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha; Ret & Raad Kbh.; The Ambassador of Thailand Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha; Union Danske Skoleelever Vera Rosenbeck, formandinde.; TV Avisen og Horizont; Copydan Denmark Tekst & Node  |  Bryggervangen 8 - 2. sal 2100 København Ø  |  t; Telia Danmark; Tryg Forsikring; Statsministeriet  Christiansborg Helle Thorning i person; Vejret TV2; USA Abassador Mrs. Fulton; Københavns Universitet; ireport@cnn.com; Dansk Industri; info@wdc.greenpeace.org; Ingeniørhøjskolen i København; Obama Campaign 2012; contact@onassis.gr; postmaster@onassis.gr; postmaster@onassis.gr; Jyllands-Posten; China PRC; Paper Denmark Se & Hoer Aller (c) 2012 Jens Peter; redaktionen@seoghoer.dk; KA, Journalist musik & navne Helsingor Dagblad; Finans Hovedkontor: Lindorff Danmark a/s; Advokat  S Becher; DK4; Finans danskfinansservice; Helsingor Kommune; jm@jm.dk; CNN Center; Parcelhusejernes Landsforening Sekretariatschef, cand.jur. J Bitsch; Bolius Boligejernes Videncenter; bank@eb.dk; Nordea Helsingor; licensingNY@sonymusic.com; KBJ; pcn2122@regionh.dk

Subject: Update Press Release: What is a Karnov doctor book saying about State fraud by Social Democrats for ages wind calories to melt tower here

To all.
Here is explain Net Energy Earning and Wind Mills on steel towers produced means MORE CO2 / Green house gas.
B. Schwartzlose & Son Enterprise recommends all harvest from agriculture not eaten is stored in wallies in mountains as CO2 deposit having Nature most efficiently capturing CO2 and air nutrients. The formation can last for year millions for later use as coal when coalialized (wood/cellulose to coal by burning starved oxygen).
More info EU+ 0045 27505585
UPDATE from earlier press release:
9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel = No Energy Break Even
means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are cutter or progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.
 SLES Optical Solar Panels produces power from $0.005 KW/h:
End production cost $, 1KW/h power of the same effect per (Effect=Volt x Ampere x Time) installed: Nuclear 10.8 Cent, coal 7.8 Cent, gas 10.6 Cent, Concentrated Solar Power 24 Cent, Wind power from 100 and PV solar panels from over 150 without subsidies and before tax in finale accounting. 

Wind Power in example:
Before tax and subsidies a wind mill electrical power costs over $1 per Kilowatt/hour in half wind speed. You pay as American up to over $22 Cent per Kilowatt hour electricity power. That means tax what is all people pays to you including your selves to have delivered at this fixed and tax manipulated not low price.
Mill by name 2 Megawatt or 2 000 Kilowatt/h/day costs $5 million. Living time 25 years. Production delivered day average to grid 1 000 Kilowatt per 24 hours.
Power price: 1 000 KW x 365 day a year x 25 years = 9 125 000 KW,

$5 000 000/ 9 125 000 = $0. 548/ KW/h.
OSP 1 000 M2 cost $1 million. Living time lease over 100 years.

Power production in grid quality to grid from 2 000 to >7 000 Kilowatt/hour day.

7 000 KW x 365 day x 100 = 255 500 000 KW/h/100 year.
$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 = $0. 00391 KW/h/ 100 years.
$1 000 000 OSP Power Unit/ 255 500 000 / 4 = $0. 0157 KW/h/ 25 years and over 25 years 35 times cheaper and over 100 years, $0. 548 Wind KWh/ $0. 00391 OSP KWh = 140 times cheaper and service is set to the same cost over the years. A new wind mill fore every 25 years has got new higher price.
To produce a wind mill a tower and house for engine all in metal is needed. The weight is about 75 000 Kg or 75 Tons of metal. To melt the metal about 4 Watt/Gram is needed in production to go from re-circled iron to melt to refine and making product in iron or steel plates for the wind mill tower even house and foundation.

Calculation (Not the first but the last calorie is keeping coal/gas/oil power plants open and Wind pollutes more):
75 Tons Vestas Wind System steel tower x 4,22 Mega Watt to melt recycled steel x 1600 Degrees Celsius + melting rock in Russia.
= 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. mill in metal.

2 MegaWatt capacity wind mill produces to grid year average:
1 MegaWatt/Day  x  365 days year  x  25 Years 

= 9 125 MegaWatt.

9 125 MegaWatt produced power by wind / 506 000 Mega Watt to produce 75 T. Steel

= No Energy Break Even
means more CO2 means climate change and extra costs for consumers on electrical bill means other State budgets are cutter or progress projects shut down. Instability in growth and economy world market and Tax rise for dirty electrical power causing death recorded in public statistics for about a year hundred.
This is analog Calorie metering low physic high school level fore water is 4. 22 Watt is 1 Calorie per 1 Degree Celsius up. To produce a mill from coal power gives extra CO2 and over 24 times less energy than used to melt the metal to produce it. This means in reality the CO2 emissions by product is in reality higher than without building the wind mill ever by factor 24!. To buy CO2 emission in product Wind is a straight fraud against States and corporations and people shopping CO2 emission rights believing then not polluting over all, but even more and are not saving CO2 but creating CO2 in a subsidized manipulated market. OSP is true CO2 free.
Kind regards
Jens Peter

20121011 1528 CET Press Release from B. Schwartzlose & Son Enterprises
V/ Jens Peter Schwartzlose President & owner
State Planet Earth in Danish to sitting Minister for Climate Change and Energy to ever sitting Head of State Denmark: 

Fra: jens peter claire schartzlose [mailto:peterclaireschwartzlose@hotmail.com]
Sendt: 12 October, 2012 3:53 PM
Til: post@dk4.dk; Minister of Climate and Energy Denmark Secr. Nina Siegenfeldt; Folketinget, Christiansborg; ft@ft.dk; KJ; peter@sunlight-laser-energy-systems.com; peterclaireschwartzlose@hotmail.com; postmaster@gop.com
Cc: ireport@cnn.com; internetavisen@jp.dk; redaktion@epn.dk; Lorry Redaktionen; 1224@eb.dk; 1234@TV2.DK; 1929@bt.dk; fragaexpressen@expressen.se; 71000@aftonbladet.se; letters@usatoday.com; iht@iht.com; tva@dr.dk; vejret@tv2.dk; White House; Obama Campaign 2012; letter@nytimes.com; licensingNY@sonymusic.com; yourstories@china.org.cn
Emne: Press Release Question to Danish Minister of Climate using jew crown over the entire Earth, Danish: Har haft Klima og Energi minister o studiet, er bedrageri Anmeldt, mer foelger

Subject line: Press Release Question to Danish Minister of Climate using jew crown over the entire Earth, Danish:  Har haft Klima og Energi minister o studiet, er bedrageri Anmeldt, mer foelger

Minister of Climate and Energy Denmark!
Red in the tomato in studio www.tv4.dk not able to wear shirt and tie in order.

Hvad med kort Alternativt program om hvad groent er f.eks. Om energi og klima groent, eks. Hvorfor ingen stoer I kystvande?

Hvorfor vindenergi, naar ikke energi Kilo Watt tilbage fra produkt det samme fra PV Solceller.

Hvorfor stoettes Rusisk Frederiksvaerk Staal paa kulkraft imod Dansk kvarts med glas fremstilling og afskaffelse af Dansk trovaerdighed og stoerre eksport.

Der er vel fri markedsoekonomi I Danmark, og ingen forskelsbehandling I finansmarkedet eller parlement Folketinget.

Hvorfor plan om mere CO2 og mere groent vandmiljoe fra klima og miljoeministeren med fans skare selvrosende medieeksponering i fossil branchen og dens medier og naren eller bedrageren over for vaelgerne, vil have 70% groen energi og smart grid, og selvopfattelse Dansk know how, naar vitterligt Amerikansk og Kinesisk Valgkamp geopolitisk paa planet niveau.

Yderligere om selvopfattelse metal krone over planeten.
Navn og gymnasieven med IT spion KJ, Minister Lidegaard.

"Lide"- "gard" er det sympatisk eller sindslidende af slaegt?

Med venlig hilsen
B. Schwartzlose & Son
Jens Peter Schwartzlose
President & owner
State Planet Earth
Location Helsingoer
Date 20121011 1528 CET

Sender and LEGAL TERMS by LAW:
Copyright all rights reserved in all DATA in traffic including inside device i.e. voice, pictures, video, text, layout, combinations, concept in Public Relation to and from our devises to State Planet Earth.

20121010 Press Release Inventor of www.Sunlight-Laser-Energy-Systems.com letter to artist Rihanna, in part:

Come to my room...
Never stop the music.

Watching makes me know
I love you.

Hand in hand

Do you recall

Have my all!!!

Yours sincerely

great concert, thanks for stage back solar wave and panels change in after SOS to in plate and colors.
Not to forget your sign for thanks and thump up and my first name live in concert, hair Danish flag colors, in song stage light Swedish flag colors. SOS, Sweden oh Sweden then showing breasts is sex position Swedish by name. (And panels combined with laser light).
Kiss and hugging and my offers stand Robyn, you look so bi-eeen...
Shop at Amazon.co.UK (EU Taxed):

20121008 0936 CET Press Release Solar Panels Power Plant cost  50 Cent/ KW in year one in operation,
Letter to Danish Prime Minister and ever sitting Head of State Denmark:

From: jens peter claire schartzlose
Sent: 10/8/2012 9:36
To: Edited all e-mail address' in original letter: (Danish Prime MInisters office) <stm@stm.dk>; (Danish Parliament members) <folketinget@ft.dk>; ft@ft.dk; (Socilistisk Folkeparti) <sf@sf.dk>; (Regional and Local Police) <nsj@politi.dk>; (Danish State Police) <politi@politi.dk>; (Danish Justice Department) jm@jm.dk; (Danish Foreighn Minister) <um@um.dk>; People's Republic of China; United States Embassy; Nordea Bank Helsingoer;
Cc: letters@usatoday.com; Psyk. Center Nordsjaelland; sony music; Paper Denmark Se & Hoer Aller (c) 2012 Jens Peter; redaktion@epn.dk; (Paper Jyllands Posten) <internetavisen@jp.dk>; Union Danish Industry; Gribskov Commune Denmark; Helsingor Commune Denmark; Emergency Hilleroed Psychiatry; Engineer Highschool Copenhagen; The White House President; erst@erst.dk; ireport@cnn.com; 1224@eb.dk; 1234@TV2.DK; 1929@bt.dk; 71000@aftonbladet.se;fragaexpressen@expressen.se; iht@iht.com
Subject: Danish Prime Mrs. Helle Thorning talk at Global Green Forum; Sustainable is keyword. To all doctors and students.

Dear Madam and Sirs, and Swedish Babe!

Optical Solar Panels protected by Pattern and Copyright law in and by China, 1996 and forward.

Kilo Watt/ hour USD 1 000 000 000 / 2 000 000 000 Watt per year = USD 1 Billion / 2 Billion Watt = US $0. 5 = 50 Cent to establish power production Plant having OPTICAL Solar Panels.

China is having legal opinion building on cost of Solar Power. Cost about 2.4 US$per Kilo Watt/ hour to establish power stations in silicone base solar panels.

China also for free makes international debate and open about solar power costs and export and import linked to USA and Europe. Thank you.

Cost per Kilo Watt to establish Optical Solar Panels delivered by inventor and seller Sunlight Laser Energy Systems parked in PRC China, Beijing is as follows having sound financial break even in energy (www.sunlight-laser-energy-systems.com):
"13. 10 Kg per M2 OSP production and installation and service in minerals and metal to melt
are est.: 10 000 Gram x 0. 422 Watt x 1 500 Degrees Celsius = 6 330 KW is 6. 3 Mega Watt.
6 330 KW / 10 KW/day heat income caught in light, = 633 KW production / 365 day year
= 1. 7 years to have heat energy break even profitable to tax.".

Further (Kilo Watt/ hour USD 1 000 000 000 / 2 000 000 000 Watt per year = USD 1 Billion / 2 Billion Watt = US $0. 5 = 50 Cent to establish power production Plant having OPTICAL Solar Panels):

"1 Km2 Optical Solar Panel, OSP, Energy Plant at longitude 0-30 degrees > 2 TW/h/Year voltage in grid quality costs about US$1 Billion = 1000 Millions, per 1M2 leasing costs $1 000, in year 2010. Profit rate from year 4: >30 %/Year. Can supply over 200 000 homes and industries with power and heat/cooling/energy storing and profitable with fastest financial break even. OSP last > 100 000 years on construction. OSP sealed in glass and no oxidation of mirror material as seen in illustrations above. The OSP Power Plant price is similar to a nuclear facility. Optical Solar Panel Power units are profitable in power production cost, and when placed in several States security in having power made locally is in top and the nation has got less loss in transmissions lines. This makes it possible for all States to start planning new power plants or businesses and private persons to make an order simply having power grid lines today to connect Optical Solar Power Plants. All States are having light and can set own policies about electrical power and inform producers about our product here.".

B.Schwartzlose & Son
Owner Son/
Jens Peter Schwartzlose
Location Denmark
Date 20121010 1302 CET

Overseas energy projects get green light
0 Comment(s)Print E-mail China Daily, October 10, 2012

Year 2012-2050 Press Release SLES Holding SHARES FOR SALE:
For extra US $90 000 000 000 000, United States of American Dollars or PRC Yuan are for sale International directly from worlds richest immaterial in accounting with limited cash H.E. Jens Peter (Claire) Schwartzlose SMS on Denmark 0045 27 50 55 85 your ID before voice calls.

The amount - similar to 90 000 Optical Solar Power Plants World Wide - is to consider small compared to the size of the Planet Market in energy for Totally Clean Optical Solar Power Plants. Nothing political here, please has in consideration the morale and ethics in mind in cleaning up after the Fossil era and toxics byproducts all Planet Wide and Space. Many might now think the share sale is a limited sale, why all can expect it to expand after International negotiations at United Nations in New York U.S. of A. I am modest about selling my shares.

20121003-2 Press Release B. Schwartzlose & Son Enterprises by Jens Peter Schwartzlose:
Bridges for sale in whole or part sales put together on location.

Please visit www.neeprofit.com and return to here please.

Commercial Staring Britney Spears,
theme pillars and family first names:
Britney Spears "3"

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20121003 Press Release SPEARMA:
Since 1995 healthy Spearma has been for sale. The rest of year 2012 my own Spearma is for sale with a discount of US$500 000, now a child is to have for the price of USD 500 000 cash due on delivery.
The amount is for security of the born child(ren) in having a proper life including safety, home, food, education and ensured etc.

Commercial video staring Christina Aguilera:

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Discounts to poor economy holders.
Jens Peter, mobile: EU+004527505585 no answering machine.

20121001 Press Release in Danish:
Danish, Will:
Update Til Direktionen.
Finans Presidenter, Testamentet.
Koncept jeg beholder recept, partner kan producerer, jeg er beskyttet og vaerdi fastholdes. Arving vil selv og trediemand Rusland er bodygard og med I butik med 25%, for dette opnaedes alle til kapitalisme accept, energi loest, som var erkendt kapitalismens endeligt med tiden.
- - -
Professional advice and Consult:
Only free advice Energy and Money under true sustainability is NOT limited having reached clean energy and Net Energy Earning, NEE. And for peace in all Earthlings can defend our Systems and stop pointing internal, was one basis for SPE founding by owner Jens Peter (Claire) Schwartzlose, second basis for friendly civilizations to be valued and friendly and allied. To believe life for eternity all ever existed and holding the Sun mass is a logistic matter.

Professional Financial Consult:
Dial on Denmark 0045 27505585.
Sunlight Laser Energy Systems (1995) Inc
Phone number & MMS on Denmark: 004527505585
Payment in US$or PRC Yuan 5000 per begun hour (Index 100 is the value the 20120101 New York USA) plus costs plus Tax). Final accounting no cash flow since 1994.

Childhood home Mikkelborg Park at Strandgaarden, The Beach Farm, beside road 152 on Zealand on Denmark. Competition what empty parcel and MMS your photo to 0045 27 50 55 85 to win my handwritten autograph in own hand with your pen.
College/ "Gymnasium" Biology examination micro biology, Ecology, growth and pollution 13 in 1984. Level graduated University Scandinavia.
Primary school Biology year scale 13 or ST, and 13 in math at examination. Level graduated College at age 14 y. 1996 IQ result 121 normal and personality job test smiling and tested 90 % for signing and 100 % stability and reliability, NATO session E plus, no glasses today and all own teeth alive.

Jurisdiction and Law:
I represent my selves in own appearance in any matter and for Court of Law what can include a Lawyer. Only in person to person legal business according to Federal Law and Federal Court of Law basics and Nature Law in United States of America year 2000 e.c.
I am not donating body parts nor blood nor genetics for free no deals made to now, see last line real time no robot writing.

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F O R    S A L E :
Sunlight Laser Energy Systems Shares, Consult, Licenses engineering, own private property including, 2 CD's including from Safe Houses/Motels, when needed protection from illegal Danish Police above the Law only accepting their own way and private law, digital recording of Doctors in conversation documented no insanity, with seller and "patient" on and off in district "Motels"/ Hospitals from lost business' and homes since 1999, FCSRS, computing, Data Base Record Design and Rene Linier (1985-forward) / Straight Lines Cleaning and sales and accounting Concepts (Macro Soft), notes, inventory, equipment and clothing, writing in Law, books, lyrics, stand ups comedies (Trail Meeting, TM), music mix's


www.your.brand.site.you.please.SMS.SPE, concept sales, photos, paintings, sperms (Same price since 1995 -1-Million US$per child and genetic (since 1998) material for sale when I as sole contractor is awake with all skills up and ready to engage. Logos and Brands are not for sale and protected. This personal letter is not legal to edit or publish in any form or media but owner can. Place offers by mail me.

Bridge & Road, Record Tallest SKY Buildings (Geometric Holes and combined), Cleaning Oceans and Seafloors (Basic science known by Tax Denmark in part 1993, Marina Plant as fertilizer agriculture and Fish, snail etc. protein buildup, new engine), new Jet w trim (China then third Nation Patent having Jet)) UFO (IFO), Light Speed Communication Transmission and Computing, Ships and new engines, sailboats and sale, automatic cleaning industrialized including harmless chemistry/soaps etc. Engineering.

Architect academic engineer (Graduated at age 22 y. in Copenhagen) former head of Copenhagen Engineer Institute; Firm B. Schwartzlose 1920-1987 R.I.P. (1980-1984 ApS 6000 Kolding) now included SPE property.
Bridge & Road Engineering,
Inventor of light high strength white concrete for bearing engineering.
Telephone on Denmark: 0045 27505585. Under trainee H.E. Jens Peter (Claire) Schwartzlose since age 5 years old under Mr. Boerge Schwartzlose my own farther.

External links:
Royal Court in Jordan keyword: Sustainability:

Expensive in real value to publish sender insane in State propaganda and in finance without cash, doctors first to know as officially Swedish Secret Service for Sweden. State agent in ".nu" Link on Google Sweden is their concept about their high treason in Denmark they can only be sent to heaven once ... and other crime has no consequence or above Law or legal public Justice and exposure spiritually, a regime is between the lines in Danish Zealandic. In the same propaganda from this legal Internet page in public named Legal Terms, the organization, they lie to all in they do not understand this and even to walk free in a trail as stupid, has it a Swedish victory not to have The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria merit to me in magazine propaganda story concept:

Danish OMX NYSE Index turbulent:
Vestas Wind Systems after marketing fraud, Carlsberg Breweries after yeast pollution and mutation etc., MEARSK ZEALAND after new SPE container and SLES and NEE&P released, NOVO after trade inability etc.:

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Mariah Carey:



(Adele from Royal Albert Hall LIVE setting fire to the rain an engine in SLES and the person never loose ... ...).

(Out of the blue and how do they link?).

To buy and read United Kingdom Headlines:

(To buy LIVE Concert visit: www.adele.tv).

Britney Spears:
(BLACKOUT-SCHWARTZ LOSE English and German. Language and cover bottom optical solar panels in link).

(Public Relation Bee sound animated and be Queen on cover in link).

To whom Miss B ?

Who has materialized and in love on red and white but Miss B, in link.

Whitney Houston (ARISTA) and George Michael If I Told You That":
http://m.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=hi&v=e9Vk842fGvY to buy visit: http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Collection-Whitney-Houston/dp/B005BK95SC, and in original sound track link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqY9zB99XkM&feature=related

(Words included in original sound track Peter Jutlandic and Swedish expressed and Baby Bee, (Mobile version best) about "Flag", in both tracks, How Will I Know; after my father’s letter to Whitney Elisabeth Houston in private as Church singer in 1970'ties on television in Denmark, R.I.P., later renamed Her lovely daughter Bobbi expressed Bob-Bee. Bee is Bi in all of Scandinavia, inspired this artist during Her successful carrier and most selling. In the original CD after the Kolding Denmark the European Tour ..., my home town, live concert in picture on the road turning right from left and giving a salute honoring ... ...This is marketing, we never kissed and in Heaven).

CHESS; Benny Anderson & Bjorn Ulveus (ABBA):
(Words included: Bee, laser, beam, 64, he is not mad but genius etc.).

Sound Mix coming up including like a virgin. Mixed by Jens Peter.

Olivia Newton-John:
Sound mix coming up mixed by Jens Peter.

Buyers now the word "True" is in politics about energy,
Politics United States of America Presidential:
Election year 2012; "Secretary Salazar’s Interior Department has made dramatic progress in sitting utility-scale renewable energy projects on our public lands over the past three years. When President Obama came into office in January 2009, there were no solar projects permitted on our public lands -- despite the availability of world class solar resources in the tens of millions of acres of public lands in the sunny desert southwest. (...) , the Solar PEIS’s recommendations for “solar energy zones” will help the BLM to continue to break its own records as it moves out with the President’s robust, all of the above, push for true energy independence.

David J. Hayes is Deputy Secretary at the U.S. Department of the Interior".


For the record and CD please mail to my American English configured mobile MS and PC's, what in specific is sick in my writing and enclose the sentence in my specific words and the contends to PeterClaireSchwartzlose@Hotmail.com. I have as sender got a clean record in Central Police Registration, Denmark, EU, the 20120801. Claire, U.K. Nobility last name is my other family link used in public PR since 1998. Intelligence since before year 1000 in official documents in United Kingdom and on the Internet. Schwartzlose German engineering and industrial fabrication. Both families in Military Intelligence since official before year 1 000 e.c.

.•. S. P. A. C. E. .•. S. P. A. C. E .•. SPE THE 20121120 2029 CET JPS. :-)(-:


Sunlight Laser Energy Systems (Sales) Inc./Lcc.

(Awaiting U.S.A. President to phone me on wire phone before bankrupt)

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